Review – Gevalia Kaffee Espresso Roast


Photo from Gevalia Kaffe

Mr. Divine and I are always on the lookout for yummy coffee that doesn’t cost a ton. I liked the last ones we tried but Mr. Divine thought they were just okay. We decided to give Gevalia Kaffe Espresso Roast a try because Mr. Divine used to enjoy it years ago. We knew we’d be getting weaker flavor as we are using it in a regular coffee maker, but we still wanted to give it a go.

I’ve been having stomach issues the last 2 days since we started using it. I’m not sure if it is the harshness of it or the fact that Gevalia states their coffees all have traces of gluten in them. I have no idea what “traces” quantifies, but it’s enough that they make it clear their coffee is not GF.

Last night was the worst. I had sharp stomach pains that didn’t go away until I took some apple cider vinegar. My stomach swelled and I looked a good 6 months pregnant – which I am not. I was uncomfortable most of the night. I feel a lot better this morning, but my stomach is still a little bloated and sore.

Now we head back to the store to see if we can find something that doesn’t make me sick. I would try a different type of Gevalia coffee but I’m concerned about the aftermath. I have no way of knowing what made me sick or if it’s something I’ll experience with their other coffees as well. Too bad!



Review – Blue Moon Beer Brewmaster Sampler



We picked up a 12 pack of Blue Moon beer for the weekend because it seemed to pair well with all the grilling we’ve been doing and the nice weather. We got the Brewmaster Sampler with summer flavors including: Summer Honey Wheat, Belgian Table Pils, Belgian White, and White IPA.

Mr. Divine and I both liked the Summer Honey Wheat the best. Second favorite was the Belgian Table Pils. The Belgian White was third. The White IPA was last. Very, very, very last. Neither one of us liked it’s flavor at all. It is very strong and very bitter. We both had to force ourselves to drink it.


I am no beer expert by any means. I know little about the beer making process and all the ways beers get their flavors. What I can tell you is that the White IPA had a taste we did not like. I didn’t taste any of the yummy things listed about it on Blue Moon’s page. It was just unpleasant.

The Summer Honey Wheat had a much lighter taste that was the best to drink. We’ve been looking for it in a pack alone because we liked it so much. It is a great summer and warm weather beer, and was fun to drink with our grilled dinners and after dinner while playing League of Legends online. (^.^)

The Belgian Table Pils and the Belgian White were both good as well. The Belgian Table Pils felt more summery to me as well, with a flavor that seemed to pair well with spending time on the back patio. The taste wasn’t overwhelming in any way.

I enjoy beer especially during the warmer months so it’s an adventure to try new kinds. You never know what they will be like until you try them! You find some that you like and some that you don’t. The process is fun, especially with the more unique types of beer.We look forward to trying more beers in the next few months!


Review – Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Bergamot and Lime

bergamot-lime for blog

Photo from Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant website

I am always on the lookout for natural products that do a fantastic job. I’m trying really hard to cut out any unhealthy products and replace them with natural alternatives. Deodorant is a big one because the regular stuff contains so many harsh chemicals. I will admit that I am not a princess, I do not sparkle or glisten or glow. I sweat. Just like most humans. Which means I need a natural deodorant that WORKS against smells when I sweat.

I really, really, really wanted this deodorant to work for me. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant comes highly reviewed on Facebook and people brag about how well it works. I tried the Bergamot and Lime version. I liked the smell of it, very strongly lime scented. It has a very fresh smell. And it does actually work! I went all day not smelling which was super awesome!

The downside is that I seem to be allergic to something in it. I’m not sure exactly which ingredient/s I’m allergic to, but I’m thinking maybe the arrowroot powder. When I use this deodorant my armpits get super red, bumpy, and itchy. I tried several times and it happened every single time I used it.

I had to stop using it. For people who aren’t allergic to the ingredients, this could be an awesome alternative to the chemical filled stuff. If you have an issue with this product, keep an eye out for reviews of other natural deodorants that don’t irritate my skin. Like with anything, it’s trial and error to find products that are the best for YOU.

You can find Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant on Amazon as well!

Bergamot & Lime
Lavender & Sage
Cedarwood & Juniper
Ylang-Ylang + Calendula

On Amazon you can find them possibly with a lower price and free 2 day shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member. I use Amazon a lot so the free 2 day shipping and reduced prices are worth it by far.

I also found Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant locally at Sprouts Farmer’s Market. It might be available in other local stores as well.


Gluten Free Pancake Fiasco


Eating gluten free is a lot easier now than it was 10 years ago. The market seems to be understanding that people want healthier options than over-processed white flour. The down side is that it is still a hit or miss with learning how to make foods out of GF flours that you used to make from wheat flour.

Enter the pancake fiasco. I decided to try mixing up my own pancake mix from GF flours I had on hand. The results were not exciting. The batter was super watery and the pancakes fell apart when I tried to flip them. They were also dry and bland when done cooking. Of course my family ate them, and Mr. Divine told me they were delicious, but he’s a little biased. They were not my best pancakes.

I’m sharing this for a reason. In a day of constant sharing online, we are surrounded by amazing ideas and posts of awesome things people have created. Scroll Pinterest too long and you will start to feel like the least creative person in the world. Attempt and idea from Pinterest and fail – and you feel even worse. Bloggers post their best posts with the prettiest pictures, their nicest looking videos, and their successful projects. Everyone puts their best self forward.

This post is to show you that it is okay to fail. And we all do. All the folks with a presence online fail at some of the things they attempt. Their muffins come out flat, their smoothies taste like feet, their wreaths fall apart, and their art projects look like a mess. None of us are perfect.

What I learned from my GF pancake yuck is that I need to rework my pancake recipe and find something better. Eating GF is hard when you are trying to replace wheat recipes that hold up because they are made of wheat. It’s a difficult process. Trying to find GF bread that doesn’t taste like crumbly cardboard is a nightmare in itself!

Don’t give up, even if you wanted to create something amazing and you failed. Try it again, rework how you come at it, or find a different project that will work out better in the end. Remember, we all have failures. Just because people put out their “perfect” persona online doesn’t mean they don’t have messes and failures as well. ❤


Savings Jar Craft Project


Things in life cost money. Unless you are handed an unlimited amount of money to do with as you please, you generally have to save up for the things you want that you can’t currently afford. I like saving money in general. It’s always good to have money saved for a nest egg just in case. Emergency funds to help if you lose your job or have a huge unexpected cost, like your car breaking or your home flooding, keep you be prepared just in case. I feel it’s generally better to save up for things you want but can’t currently afford rather than going into debt to get them.

Saving money in your bank account it great – if you won’t spend it. I’ve found that having the money in an account means I am more likely to spend it with less concern. Which is why I like to have a savings jar of some sort at home. It’s labeled and separate from my spending money so I am much less likely to spend it. Looking into the jar to see how much I’ve saved so far gives me an extra sense of pride that also helps me from spending out of it and to keep adding to it.

We recently moved and are working on settling in and getting our new home set up. We are also saving to buy a home in the next few years, saving for our wedding since we don’t really have family to help with the costs much, and saving up to get me a better car. Mine is okay, and it’s lasted well since I got it almost 2 years ago, but it is very old and I bought it because we had been in a car accident and desperately needed a vehicle. I want to be able to get something a little nicer that will better fit my needs in the next year, so we’re saving for it now.

These 3 things are very important to us right now and are our priorities to save for at the moment. We could have created one main savings jar to use on whatever we needed, but I liked the idea of 3 separate jars to see each dream getting closer to happening.

These savings jars were very simple and low cost to create. I bought 3 cans of coffee that come in the round hard containers. We drink a lot of coffee so we used up the coffee in the cans, washed them out with soapy water, and then let them dry. When they were dry I purchased 3 different rolls of duct tape in cool designs so each jar had its own unique look. I paid $3.22 for the 3 rolls at our local Dollar Tree store. I knew the tape would mostly likely only be used for this project so I didn’t want to spend a lot on it. I also bought a package of sticker labels to label each jar, but I also am going to use them to label things in Little Divine’s room to help her keep her toys organized. They were $1.07 for a package of 60.


Photo by Ivy Divine

I took each jar and taped all around the jar along the bottom edge, the top edge, and then the middle, to completely cover the jar with duct tape. I then took small strips of duct tape about 5-6 inches long to cover the lid. You can leave it uncovered if you like, but I wanted the whole thing to be matching. After that, I turned the lid upside down and set a shot glass in the middle of the lid to make an opening for adding money. I traced around the shot glass and used small, sharp scissors to cut a whole. Again, this is optional. You can create any opening you like or leave the lid as it is and just take it off when you add money to the jar.


Photo by Ivy Divine

I wrote what each jar was for on the sticker labels and put them on the jar. One of the labels started peeling off a little after a few hours so I covered the labels with clear tape to keep them on. I used a permanent marker to write on the labels so what I wrote was easy to see and would last.

The end result is a fun looking way to save up for the things that are important to you! ❤ We’ve already been adding to our new jars and it’s exciting to see each step closer we get to our goals! (^.^)


Review – Anime Vampire Girl Guitar Pick Earrings


I love vampires and am always looking for beautiful things at a low price that I enjoy. This unique pair of earrings fit the bill! ❤

I found these earrings on Ebay while searching for vampire earrings. I have no idea who the girl is on them, or if she’s from anything, but I fell for them from the start. Something about them drew my attention. I found this Ebay listing for them from the seller Popmod on Ebay. I’ve seen other versions of anime guitar picks available from them as well.

They are very lightweight and the detail is very nice. They were only $2.99 plus free shipping. I think it is a very fair price! They also shipped and arrived very fast. The image is on both sides of the pick. I’ve already worn them and I barely feel them on except when I move about and then I feel them move.

I fully intend to order more earrings from them when I can. I love jewelry that is unique and creative, especially since I make jewelry. It’s a joy to create something beautiful and interesting, and just as much of a joy to find items like that made by someone else! I recommend these for any anime lover who enjoys fun jewelry. (^.^)


Ivy’s First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog! If this is your first time here, thank you for stopping by to see what my world has to offer you. 🙂 This blog will be my way to share all the experiences I have that I think are worth sharing. I will be talking about things from reviews to video games to parenting and homeschooling to relationships, and way more! Basically you’ll get a day in the life of me, Ivy Divine. Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page and contact me if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns. I hope you enjoy your stay in my world!




Review – Tibbers Plush From League of Legends by Riot


This is Tibbers. Tibbers is awesome. And fluffy. And soft. And I adore him. ❤ Everyone should have a Tibbers in their life!

Tibbers is a well known character in the game League of Legends. If you play, or know anyone who plays, you may very well know this lovable guy…. Okay, okay, so he’s more ferocious than lovable in the game. Unless you’re Annie of course! (^.^)

Riot, who created League of Legends, sells this exact Tibbers Plush. This is the one I received for my birthday. He is from their company and has their tag on his plush tushy. He is not cheap, especially with their added shipping costs. I feel he is well worth every penny Mr. Divine paid for him. May I add a side note that it is amazing to have a partner who gets me things I love and adore!

You can also find knock-off plush Tibbers on Amazon for half the price at least. The reviews on Amazon are mixed. With any knock-off, you need to prepare yourself in case you get a sub par quality item. They cost less for a reason. That being said, you can sometimes find your item way less and still good quality. It’s hit or miss. If you don’t need a fancy shmancy Riot version of Tibbers, this would be your best route.

Wherever you chose to order from, this Tibbers plush is a fabulous item in my book! He’s not super big or super tiny, and he is perfect for Annie cosplay. I am currently planning out my cosplay for several LOL charcters, including Annie. This Tibbers is very soft and well detailed, plus he’s the perfect size to be swung around in your hand as Annie does. Don’t forget to skip as you do it!

I play Annie in LOL so I have a fondness for both her and Tibbers. This was by far one of the best birthday gifts I received this year! ❤

Keep an eye out for more posts on both LOL and my cosplay outfits for it! (^.^)