Review – Anime Vampire Girl Guitar Pick Earrings


I love vampires and am always looking for beautiful things at a low price that I enjoy. This unique pair of earrings fit the bill! ❤

I found these earrings on Ebay while searching for vampire earrings. I have no idea who the girl is on them, or if she’s from anything, but I fell for them from the start. Something about them drew my attention. I found this Ebay listing for them from the seller Popmod on Ebay. I’ve seen other versions of anime guitar picks available from them as well.

They are very lightweight and the detail is very nice. They were only $2.99 plus free shipping. I think it is a very fair price! They also shipped and arrived very fast. The image is on both sides of the pick. I’ve already worn them and I barely feel them on except when I move about and then I feel them move.

I fully intend to order more earrings from them when I can. I love jewelry that is unique and creative, especially since I make jewelry. It’s a joy to create something beautiful and interesting, and just as much of a joy to find items like that made by someone else! I recommend these for any anime lover who enjoys fun jewelry. (^.^)



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