Gluten Free Pancake Fiasco


Eating gluten free is a lot easier now than it was 10 years ago. The market seems to be understanding that people want healthier options than over-processed white flour. The down side is that it is still a hit or miss with learning how to make foods out of GF flours that you used to make from wheat flour.

Enter the pancake fiasco. I decided to try mixing up my own pancake mix from GF flours I had on hand. The results were not exciting. The batter was super watery and the pancakes fell apart when I tried to flip them. They were also dry and bland when done cooking. Of course my family ate them, and Mr. Divine told me they were delicious, but he’s a little biased. They were not my best pancakes.

I’m sharing this for a reason. In a day of constant sharing online, we are surrounded by amazing ideas and posts of awesome things people have created. Scroll Pinterest too long and you will start to feel like the least creative person in the world. Attempt and idea from Pinterest and fail – and you feel even worse. Bloggers post their best posts with the prettiest pictures, their nicest looking videos, and their successful projects. Everyone puts their best self forward.

This post is to show you that it is okay to fail. And we all do. All the folks with a presence online fail at some of the things they attempt. Their muffins come out flat, their smoothies taste like feet, their wreaths fall apart, and their art projects look like a mess. None of us are perfect.

What I learned from my GF pancake yuck is that I need to rework my pancake recipe and find something better. Eating GF is hard when you are trying to replace wheat recipes that hold up because they are made of wheat. It’s a difficult process. Trying to find GF bread that doesn’t taste like crumbly cardboard is a nightmare in itself!

Don’t give up, even if you wanted to create something amazing and you failed. Try it again, rework how you come at it, or find a different project that will work out better in the end. Remember, we all have failures. Just because people put out their “perfect” persona online doesn’t mean they don’t have messes and failures as well. ❀



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