Review – Blue Moon Beer Brewmaster Sampler



We picked up a 12 pack of Blue Moon beer for the weekend because it seemed to pair well with all the grilling we’ve been doing and the nice weather. We got the Brewmaster Sampler with summer flavors including: Summer Honey Wheat, Belgian Table Pils, Belgian White, and White IPA.

Mr. Divine and I both liked the Summer Honey Wheat the best. Second favorite was the Belgian Table Pils. The Belgian White was third. The White IPA was last. Very, very, very last. Neither one of us liked it’s flavor at all. It is very strong and very bitter. We both had to force ourselves to drink it.


I am no beer expert by any means. I know little about the beer making process and all the ways beers get their flavors. What I can tell you is that the White IPA had a taste we did not like. I didn’t taste any of the yummy things listed about it on Blue Moon’s page. It was just unpleasant.

The Summer Honey Wheat had a much lighter taste that was the best to drink. We’ve been looking for it in a pack alone because we liked it so much. It is a great summer and warm weather beer, and was fun to drink with our grilled dinners and after dinner while playing League of Legends online. (^.^)

The Belgian Table Pils and the Belgian White were both good as well. The Belgian Table Pils felt more summery to me as well, with a flavor that seemed to pair well with spending time on the back patio. The taste wasn’t overwhelming in any way.

I enjoy beer especially during the warmer months so it’s an adventure to try new kinds. You never know what they will be like until you try them! You find some that you like and some that you don’t. The process is fun, especially with the more unique types of beer.We look forward to trying more beers in the next few months!


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