Time4Learning Educational Online Website Review


Image from Time4Learning.com

We homeschool Little Divine and have been homeschooling her since the very start. She is a smart kiddo and has always been ahead so homeschooling was the best fit. Plus the schools where we live are not super great. I’m happy with her home education and feel it is the very best option for her.

I am always on the lookout for great curriculum! Learning should be fun and it should help kids learn important things. It’s a hard combo to find of fun learning and good learning. Little Divine has been super involved in the computer the last few months, and just about everything involving the computer is a big interest to her. I decided to try looking online for an online homeschool curriculum that would give her the best all around curriculum. I looked at A LOT of sites. I ruled out any sites that were strictly Common Core as we don’t generally like a lot of the way Common Core teaches. Also ruled out were the overtly religious sites as I don’t want Little Divine to have someone’s religious principals forced on her while doing basic subjects. I feel religion should be taught to kids when they are developmentally able to understand it, and it should be a wide view of multiple religions, not just one.

We ended up landing on Time4Learning. It covers Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. After a short time period you also get an Art course as well. They just wait to open that up to you to make sure you are going to stick with the program. What I like at Time4Learning is that it is FUN. When we did the demo, Little Divine was totally focused on it. That’s important to me. The lessons are fun and she’s learning from them. Trust me – I quiz her at dinner about her daily lesson! (^.^)


Parents get their own login and tools to use. You get updated reports as to what your child is working on. I literally can see her progress on the report showing how far along she is on an assignment. And they are updated as they go along, so I get up to the minute status on how much she’s completed. I can set her study time and her recess/gameroom time as well. I get to choose how fast she completes her grade level, how many lessons she does a day, and what lessons she does. It really give the parent a lot of freedom!

The price isn’t bad either – $19.95 a month for kids K through 8th, $30 a month for kids in high school. There are also options to get a major discount on rates if you pay for 6 months or a year in advance. My opinion is to sign up for the monthly and then buy in advance if it really works well for your family. That way you aren’t in the hole for a lot if it isn’t a good fit.

* Right now Time4Learning is offering a Buy One Month, Get One Month Free deal! So you get to try out 2 months of the site for only $19.95. I signed Little Divine up on this deal because I wanted to give her a good amount of time to try it out. THE DEAL END ON JUNE 30TH AT 11:59PM EDT! It isn’t available much longer but they might have other deals available after this one. This deal is ONLY for new members! *


We haven’t been signed up long, so I’ll be reviewing it again as we get farther along. I really wanted to pass on the discount to you all because I feel it’s a really good buy. I don’t like spending a lot on curriculum but I really like how they teach. Little Divine hasn’t enjoyed that as she’s moved up in grades her books have lessened on the fun. She’s in 5th grade and it seems that her books have less and less colorful pages and fun mixed in with the learning. For us, this site is what we’ve been looking for to help put the fun back into learning.


I’ve read that an issue with online curriculum is that kids don’t retain as much. If this is a concern for you, supplementing with other fun educational material or books and workbooks is your best bet. You can use them way less if you use a site for the core of your child’s learning which saves on money and paper. I am always an advocate of repetition because I feel it helps with retention! There are a lot of ways to help kids get the most out of their learning and make sure they retain it!

All in all, we currently recommend Time4Learning to be used as a homeschool curriculum! We are using the 5th grade level on all subjects to start off. Let me know what you think about the site if you give it a try! (^.^)


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