Water Beads Review


I am always looking for fun and exciting things to entertain Little Divine and the kiddos I watch. A friend who’s kids play with mine at the park showed me Water Beads aka Water Beadz and Jelly Beadz in a water bottle she’d sealed off to give to her littlest one to play with. These things are neat! They are like little balls of jelly when they hydrate in water! They are colorful, soft, and lots of fun! Of course I ordered a set right away because they were only $5.99 on Amazon!


These things are probably not the best idea for little kiddos as they do look a bit like candy. I would not use them unsupervised with kids who don’t understand not to eat them. Little Divine just turned 10 and the kiddo here today is 5 so I didn’t have to worry about it.

The kids had a blast with them! When you order our set on Amazon you get 10,000 water beads!! That’s a ton of them, especially after you get them in water and they expand! These can be used for lots of decorative things too but we like them for water play time. (^.^)

water beads

Photo from Amazon.com

We ordered a mix colored set like above from Amazon because the kids weren’t picky about colors. Little Divine loves the clear ones though because you can’t see them in the water and she does magic tricks by pulling clear beads out of the water!

I am a big fan of cheap fun for kids and these fit the bill! I took a clear plastic storage container that was no more than 10 inches high, filled it with water and a little bit of soap to make bubbles, and then we added the water beads. We had soaked some beads in water overnight so when I added them to the container they were already expanded. Trust me when I say that a little goes a long way!

Have you tried water beads yet? If so, let me know what you thought of them!



Miren Silicone Popsicles Molds Set of 8 Review

Popsicles 1

Photo from Amazon.com

I have discovered these amazing Miren Silicone popsicle molds! This is BY FAR the neatest thing I’ve found in a while! The kids love eating popsicles from these molds and I love how easy they are to clean and work with! There were several sets to choose from but I chose this set because they had 8 pieces rather than 6 and I wanted to get a few more molds. I’m glad I did because they get used fast!

Popsicles 2

Photo from Amazon.com

A friend with kids showed up at the park with these a couple weeks ago and I was intrigued. She said they make it easier for her smaller kids, ages 2 to 4, to eat popsicles and they were a lot less messy. She compared them to the push pops and GoGurt, but again said they are less messy to use because stuff doesn’t leak out or pour out anywhere. The looked so great that I went on Amazon and ordered a set of Miren Silicone Molds right there at the park!


Let me just say, I love these! They arrived super fast as I have Amazon Prime, and I was able to wash them and use them immediately. My friend said that her kids love yogurt so she generally makes yogurt popsicles for them to get the good for you probiotics mixed with the fabulous coldness of a popsicle. The heat here has been getting increasingly higher so popsicles are something the kids want just about every day now. I decided to try making healthy and yummy popsicles for our first batch.


My ingredient list was simple: vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and maple syrup. It’s so nice to feed the kids stuff that doesn’t have a huge list of ingredients! I cut the strawberries in half and added them plus the yogurt and a little maple syrup to my small Ninja Master Prep container. I wasn’t sure how much I was going to need to fill 8 molds, but each batch I’ve made since has been done in my medium size container because the smaller one got super full. I blended until everything looked well mixed and smooth. I love my Ninja Master Prep because I find it works way better than a regular blender but saves me the $$$ on a Vitamix. It’s the cheapest alternative I could find that I really like. Our last blender had a gross burning rubber smell when you used it – yuck! I’ve never had any issues with my Ninja and it can do a lot of things besides blending!


After my mix was blended well, I poured it into the molds and left about 1 inch at the top empty for the lid. I put the molds in my freezer standing up in the slots of our little freezer shelf. You can use a box or plastic container to hold them up if you don’t have a freezer shelf. I left mine until the next day just because the kids didn’t need them right away and I wanted to make sure they were totally frozen.


The popsicles came out great! They were delicious according to both the children and the adults. (^.^) I held ours molds under hot water to loosen up the popsicles inside as I took mine straight from the freezer to give the kids. If you pack them in a cooler they might melt a little and come out easier as they sit out from the freezer. Ours just needed a little melting to slide up the mold. Each batch I’ve made since has been a hit! The kids ask for these every single day. They don’t spill with them and I can get yummy healthy stuff in their bellies in a tasty way.

They are super easy to clean! My set came with a little brush I can use to clean out the inside, but usually I wash mine out right after we use them so it’s easier to clean them out. I use hot water with a little soap and they clean pretty quickly. They have been one of the best purchases I’ve made! Previous sets have leaked or the popsicles break or melt too fast. Little Divine and the kids I watch prefer these popsicles over the store brand ones. That’s saying a lot!

I highly recommend these Miren Silicone Popsicle Molds if you like to make homemade popsicles or homemade yogurt to go like GoGurt. You can simple fill them with yogurt and refrigerate them. They are easy for younger kids to use and easy to clean up as well. They are durable silicone and have lids for easy transport. If you try them, let me know what you thin! (^.^)