Water Beads Review


I am always looking for fun and exciting things to entertain Little Divine and the kiddos I watch. A friend who’s kids play with mine at the park showed me Water Beads aka Water Beadz and Jelly Beadz in a water bottle she’d sealed off to give to her littlest one to play with. These things are neat! They are like little balls of jelly when they hydrate in water! They are colorful, soft, and lots of fun! Of course I ordered a set right away because they were only $5.99 on Amazon!


These things are probably not the best idea for little kiddos as they do look a bit like candy. I would not use them unsupervised with kids who don’t understand not to eat them. Little Divine just turned 10 and the kiddo here today is 5 so I didn’t have to worry about it.

The kids had a blast with them! When you order our set on Amazon you get 10,000 water beads!! That’s a ton of them, especially after you get them in water and they expand! These can be used for lots of decorative things too but we like them for water play time. (^.^)

water beads

Photo from Amazon.com

We ordered a mix colored set like above from Amazon because the kids weren’t picky about colors. Little Divine loves the clear ones though because you can’t see them in the water and she does magic tricks by pulling clear beads out of the water!

I am a big fan of cheap fun for kids and these fit the bill! I took a clear plastic storage container that was no more than 10 inches high, filled it with water and a little bit of soap to make bubbles, and then we added the water beads. We had soaked some beads in water overnight so when I added them to the container they were already expanded. Trust me when I say that a little goes a long way!

Have you tried water beads yet? If so, let me know what you thought of them!


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