Homeschooling Families Should Support Each Other


I started my morning off today like I usually do – I got up, made coffee, and got started on all the things on my to do list. I check my email and Facebook to see what needs my attention while I drink my coffee and get started on my day. Sadly this morning I saw a Facebook post that put a sour taste in my mouth.

A homeschooling mom, just starting out, asked for advice in a group because her son was flying through his Kindergarten level workbooks and they were too easy for him. I completely related to this as Little Divine flew through hers too and I moved her onto First Grade early on because she wasn’t being challenged. I work in childcare so Little Divine had learned all the things they teach in grade K long before she started it. I was excited to see that I could offer her a little first hand advice so I scrolled through the comments to see what else had been shared.

Several women had the nerve to tell this woman in a rude manner that workbooks are not meant to be a full curriculum and that’s why her son was flying through them. (o.O) Uhmm, ANYTHING can be a full curriculum. THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF HOMESCHOOLING! Homeschooling is giving your child the best possible education that works for them and your family. If Unschooling is a complete curriculum, so is using workbooks. I do not say that in a way to put down unschooling, I am simply trying to show that if  people who don’t use any school books to educate kids do so successfully, why are we trying to say using a type of school books isn’t enough?? Why do we have to question what others choose to do anyway??

Homeschooling is supposed to be a tailor-made education for your child. Children are supposed to get something different and unique compared to the public and private education systems. It is supposed to be something that you choose based on your children and family alone. How you homeschool is your business and no one has the right to put someone down for schooling differently than they do.

I am tired of seeing people in communities tear each other down. We are in a COMMUNITY! We should be lifting each other up and offering support. We should be giving advice when it’s asked for, offer helpful tips and tricks, and share great resources. We should encourage all those in our community and be supportive even when they do things the complete opposite of how we do them. The world is full of people who tear others down. Can we please stop contributing to it??

When I first started homeschooling Little Divine 5 year ago, I didn’t know anyone who homeschooled. The first woman I met was a nightmare. She was what we all do not want to be – a homeschooling Nazi who happily put others down for not doing things the way she did. She acted appalled that Little Divine didn’t know how to read at 5. Really?? Many kids don’t learn to read until 7 or 8! But I didn’t know that at the time so I rushed her into learning how to read because this woman made me feel I was failing as a homeschooling mom. She also put my down for buying workbooks from the dollar store and local thrift stores, telling me my daughter COULD NOT get a good education with those materials. I turned to a friend with much younger kids who was so livid at the other woman’s hate. She assured me Little Divine WOULD get a fantastic education because I loved her and would always do my best to educate her well! ❤

I eventually cut ties with that woman. I was disgusted by her behavior and actions. She didn’t even work, yet used her husband’s hard-earned money to put others down who couldn’t afford the things she could. I have no problem with stay at home moms, but I DO have a problem when they use their spouse’s money to put others down and hurt them. It’s not okay to put others down AT ALL.

I don’t care how you educate your children! I support each and every one of you! ❤ You are a rock star for putting your child’s education first and taking a front seat in it! You are amazing! Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently! It is time we stop attacking, belittling, and putting other homeschooling parents down for how they teach their children. It is time we step up to support each other and learn from all the families who school differently. WE ARE A COMMUNITY and we should be acting like it!

I left a comment on the young woman’s post today making it very clear that ANY way of schooling can be a complete curriculum and no one should be criticizing anyone else. I wanted her to see that others will stand up for her and how she was treated was wrong. We all should speak up if we see homeschooling folks putting each other down. Set the better example and show people that we are a community trying to support each other! ❤



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