Water Beads Glitter Bottle Project


These are Water Bead/Jelly Beadz/Water Beadz. They are tiny little balls of excitement! As I mentioned in my original review of them, we discovered these through a friend of ours who had added some to a water bottle for her baby to look at and be fascinated by. I ordered a set of 10,000 beads for my kiddos to try out as well and they loved them! We added them a water filled container and they played with them for hours. (^.^)

I decided to do a project with them similar to our DIY Glitter Bottles because those were such a hit! I took 2 full water bottles, cut off the labels, added 1 drop of food coloring to each bottle, and then added the fun! I added 4 pinches of Water Beads to each bottle, and added 20 small plastic fake diamonds to each bottle. Lastly, we added glitter! I have an excess of fun colored nail glitter that we used, though I really need glitter that sinks for these kind of projects. A lot of our glitter floats at the top instead of sinking to the bottom.


The bottles were a huge success! ❤ The kids love them! Each bottle shimmers in the sunlight and looks so neat! It was a very simple project that took all of 10 minutes to complete. I did soak the water beads in the water bottles overnight, though they started puffing up after just a few minutes. I think they should be good to go after 2 hours in water.


These are a super cheap for of entertainment for kids, especially during hot months. There are tons of ways to use them! And you get so many in a package that they last a long time. I am still very happy with this buy because the kids adore these Water Beads! This is something that would make a great gift as well! If you package doesn’t include instructions, you can print out a little tag with instructions and ideas to go with it. (^.^) I may add that to my present list this Christmas season!



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