I Am Thankful


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I generally start my mornings off the same way. I get up when Mr. Divine gets up for work, pack a lunch for him, and see him off. After that I get a fresh pot of coffee going for myself and check emails. I’ll spend my morning checking the Facebook page for my small business and the other sites I sell on. After I check that I will scroll down regular Facebook to see if there’s anything interesting going on or any good sales on pages I follow. Sometimes I find neat homeschooling info or a new book list for kids. I use Facebook as place for resources and helpful information.

Sadly, Facebook is generally not that kind of place.

Every morning for the last month I’ve spent a little extra time looking at what people I know post. It’s not the most positive stuff. Some of it is downright negative and toxic.

I am really blessed to have the life I do, but I didn’t stumble into good fortune. I spent my whole life picking up the pieces after the world broke me and after I made poor decisions. I worked extremely hard in my life to better myself and my world, for myself and for Little Divine. I waited patiently to meet the right person and didn’t jump into a poor choice just to avoid being along. I waited and I worked. And I stuck with it.

Finally it paid off.

I met Mr. Divine and we have become a family. We’ve spent every day working to improve our family and be the best we can together and for each other. We put each person as a priority,  none more so than anyone else, and that keeps us all striving to do our best for each other. Everyone’s needs get met because of this. Make no mistake – it is not always easy. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs. That’s life.

But we never give up. We keep working. We keep committed to making our family work. We never lose focus of the love we share.

I scroll past posts on Facebook from wives who are clearly bitter and angry at their spouses. Posts talking about how important it is for men to do this, and how really good men do that. A few posts later I see those same wives posting sexy pictures of themselves to get compliments from men who are not their husband…. Flirting left and right every chance they get….

In one family neither adult has worked in years, and they haven’t been spending their money on bills. Now they are in huge financial debt and asking people to give them free money and items…. They are taking advantage of the kindness of others and it’s not the first time they’ve gotten in this situation….

Another person is a parent and is always posting hateful and threatening things towards others. They constantly post embarrassing things bashing others and looking extremely immature, always wondering why people block them on Facebook….

Then there are the posts from people showing off all of their stuff. Look how much stuff they have. They brag about everything from rings to houses to cars to clothes to everything. A lot of them are wives who do not work and are bragging about what their husband’s money paid for….

In the cosplay group I’m in I constantly see posts from women trying to get men to like their page, desperate for any and all attention, doing whatever they can to get it even if it means lying and looking ridiculous. I don’t know what is missing from their lives but something clearly is.

What it comes down to is negativity and unhealthiness. I see it DAILY. I cannot get through my Facebook feed without it. It’s become a daily game of hide the post for me. I just have no interest in it.

I didn’t get where I am by wallowing in negativity or by continuing to make poor decision after poor decision. I got here by perseverance and hard work. I got here by a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

My life didn’t magically turn into a fairy tale. I have spent  my whole life working to get my life where it is now. I am in a very good place because I fought to make it so. I spent years working on bettering myself daily. I worked hard in life to get where I am. I waited patiently to find the right man and I work daily on our relationship. I respect him and I treat him how I want to be treated. I left immature behavior behind and moved forward to be a successful adult. I focused on building up my family first and making sure we are all thriving together.

I work daily for my life. I work daily for my family. I work daily for my relationship. I work daily for my business goals. I work daily to create an amazing present and an even better future.

If I didn’t use Facebook for my business I wouldn’t be on it at all. It is a very toxic place. People do not use common sense. There is no thinking before posting. There is no consideration of the embarrassment and disrespect they could cause their family and the people who know them.

While I scroll past post after post that makes me shake my head, I am even more thankful for my life. I’m thankful for the adult I’ve become and I really hope that who I am now makes my parents proud. I’m thankful for the life I built and where it’s headed in the future. I’m thankful to have Mr. Divine and Little Divine to share my life with. I’m thankful for every thing about my life.

I choose to use the negativity I see to remind me just how blessed I am. I want to stay grateful for each and every thing, no matter how small. It helps keep me focused on all the good in my life and keeps me striving to make my life good.

Today I am grateful for the love I share with my family. We have an amazingly strong bond that makes my heart melt. We love being together and we love each other. I am truly grateful to have that!

What are you grateful for today?



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