Greedy Looks Ugly On You


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It’s that time of morning again. The time when I’m up early doing my thing online, and being disgusted by what I see. Today I’ll be talking about greed and bragging. Oh boy!

I am a small business owner. I run my own childcare business on and off, though after the last 2 years of working with a family I’ve been taking time off to do resale and work on my jewelry business. You can find a lot of my work on my Etsy shop or on my Facebook page. (No shame in a little self promotion here!) I think small businesses are important and we should support those who have a small business because you support the people who have a family rather than a large company. I shop through small businesses as much as possible, even people who sell through companies like Avon and such, because you are still supporting the person’s work even though they didn’t hand make their product.

One lady contacted me a while back and we ran into each other at a fun event for families. I thought she seemed nice and she sent me a friend request on Facebook. We haven’t really chatted much other than about doing local craft shows for my jewelry because that may be a good way to get my business the jump start it needs and to sell a bunch of stuff at a time. She sells through a direct sales company, and I thought it would be nice to order a few things from her here and there. Mind you, she’s never once asked about my items. I like to put out the good even if others don’t. Be the example you want to see in the world! ❤

I got on Facebook the other day, and there is a post from her showing off a brand new SUV. We’re talking right off the dealership lot. And she’s saying in the post, “I was really good this year.” Right off the bat I’m bothered. I don’t think bragging is classy by any means. I don’t think rubbing your wealth in the faces of others is considerate or tactful behavior. We no longer live in a day and age where people think before they act or keep anything to themselves. It’s all just verbal-diarrhea all over their social media pages. To get old fashioned – it’s very uncouth.

We need to be taking a step back and realizing that some things are not meant to be shared on social media. We need to keep things to ourselves or among close family and friends, shared person to person.  Personal issues and relationship issues shouldn’t be broadcasted online. We shouldn’t be throwing our spouses and partners under the bus online in front of everyone and their dog. Some thing should not be posted on a public forum.

Like a brand new car. And the comment typed with it was not very flattering either. On top of that, many people commented on the picture saying she JUST got a new car last year….. Her only reply? I was a really good girl this year. (o.O) Wow. So tacky it hurts.

As a possible customer she lost all of my business in that moment. I will not be ordering from her at all at any point. Why? She clearly does not need the money. And she boasts online, making others feel bad. I watched the comments and saw many folks saying things like, “It must be nice to buy a new car every year!” We live in a very low income state. To boldly throw your wealth in the faces of others who are struggling, especially around the holiday season, is disrespectful. I wouldn’t be surprised if less folks order from her after that. I sure will not. I don’t support that kind of behavior.

Greed and bragging look ugly no matter who does it. I make it a point to not brag about anything in my life other than saying my life is good! I do occasionally say how amazing Mr. Divine is, but not to a point that is intentionally trying to rub it in the face of others. I feel this woman was very out of line in her post and her behavior. I don’t feel it was a professional or classy move. As a business person, it was not a very wise move. It just did not make her look good at all.

And it’s not the first time I’ve seen it. I had some former friends who felt the need to post pictures of every gift they got for birthdays and Christmas, almost in a way to shame those who didn’t get them things or didn’t get them as nice of things as they wanted. They often tagged people in posts with items listed they wanted, telling those people to buy those items for them! Just up front, “Buy this for me!” Hello greed! You sure are looking greedy today.

Life is full of wonderful things that we want to talk about. There is nothing wrong with that if your intentions are innocent and you are considerate in how you go about it. When you blatantly brag, shame others, and ask for things – that is an issue. It is unflattering and it isn’t the way adults should act. What example do we set for our children by telling them not to brag or be greedy, and then turning around and doing just that??

We need to get back to a place of thinking before we act. T.H.I.N.K. Is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind? This saying is printed out and hung on our wall in our living room for a reason. Because I follow what I teach. I want my WHOLE family to focus on making good choices all around. I want us all to strive to be the best people possible each day.

If we all took the time to do just a little bit better each day, the world would be a much better place! ❤



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