Do 310 Nutrition or PlantFusion Shakes Work?

Photo courtesy of 310 Nutrition

Sound off ladies and gents – do 310 nutritional shakes do the job?

I’m asking because with my arm injury I am unable to work out as I used to. I’m very limited in what I can do and it really sucks to be honest. Now I’m having to modify everything I used to do so I’m still getting some sort of exercise and keeping my body healthy.

One thing I’ve been researching is the meal replacement shake trend. Now this is nothing new, Slim Fast kicked off this market maaaaaany years ago. However, nowadays there are TONS of options!! How is a girl to know which to choose?? That is where YOU come in! (^.^)

I’ve spent days looking at shake companies and I found 310 to have the best ingredients for me and a decent price. I’ve found a few brands on Amazon such as PlantFusion that look like another good bet. They sell for about $40 for a big jar that will last 20 servings. 310 has one with 38 servings but it’s normally $68. However – right now it’s only $40 itself which is why I am considering it.

Since my fall I can no longer work full time as a nanny. I’m so limited in what I do and my income flow is very small. I don’t get a lot of “free” play money to throw around on things anymore. That’s why this is such a BIG deal for me to get a good brand with a good company! I don’t have the $ to waste.

– Note – I understand some of you may want to rave to me about the other brands like Shakeology, Herbalife and Thrive. I get that you love your product and that’s wonderful! However, I’ve looked at their websites and their ingredient lists and they aren’t for me. I have sensitivities to some stuff that make my options different.

So…. who has tried 310 shakes?

Do they keep you feeling full for a while?

Do they help with weight loss/weight control in conjunction with exercise? And I’m talking even light exercise, not just heavy HiiT or cardio or lifting.

How do they taste?

If you’ve tried the PlantFusion brand at all, please let me know any of that info for them as well!

Thank you loves!


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