Review – Hard Candy Lip Color Velvet Mousse and Metallic Mousse

I am a low maintenance gal in a lot of ways. While I enjoy using some beauty products and make up, I also like my products to work well and simplify my routine. I am not a big lipstick fan because I hate having to reapply stuff and lipstick feels thick on my lips. Plus it can get on your teeth and it can dry out your lips. However, I do like a good lipgloss and I have been looking at the crème lipsticks that say they last a long time without coming off or needing to be reapplied.

I did my online research and found a list of recommended brands. One of which was Hard Candy’s matte liquid lipcolor. I thought for $6 each, I would happily give it a go. I had picked up a different brand the day before that was cheaper but the color was off. The stuff was amazing so I expected no less from Hard Candy’s version.

Sadly, I was EXTREMELY disappointed in the quality! This stuff just does not stay on at all. It doesn’t last anywhere near all day. It stayed tacky and sticky on my lips instead of drying like the other brand did. On top of that, it came off on EVERYTHING the rest of the day! I have lipstick marks on every cup, straw, napkin, etc. Both shades I tried had the same result.

The color shades are nice but they don’t stay on and don’t last. The containers are really thin too so it looks like you are getting a lot but you really aren’t. For the price and the quality, I don’t recommend this brand at all. If you are looking for a long lasting matte lipstick that is TRULY all day wear without coming off, this is not the brand for you.

I will post another review of the other brands I try and hopefully I can find a super long lasting liquid lipstick that doesn’t cost a ton!

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