Let’s Play! Overwatch Widowmaker VS AI Video 5-27-2017

 As many of you know, I’m a gamer amongst other things. I enjoy gaming when I have free time and I play a wide variety of games! I have a YouTube channel for anyone who’s interested in checking it out. (^.^) I do a lot of Let’s Play videos showing in game play from different games, plus some tutorials, game walk through videos, as well as character spotlights.

Recently I created a video showing in game play from the game Overwatch by Blizzard! In this video you’ll see me playing as Widowmaker, a fun spider-like female character. This game was Co-Op against AI, meaning against computer generated bad guys rather than playing against other real live people. Playing games against AI is a great way to try out a new character and learn their skills without being in a game against people where you might feel more stressed.

Have you played Overwatch yet? Who is your favorite character to play?

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