Review – Matte Liquid Lipsticks From Ebay PLUS Mac Dupes!

I have been keeping my eye out for matte liquid lipsticks that won’t cost me a ton and will work well. Of course, everything in life is cheaper on Ebay so I ordered 5 lipsticks from one company to try out. They were a hit or miss combo. I feel that they come off easily near the inner part of my lips where saliva is. Also, the color is thin and needed multiple applications for good coverage. Some of the color were WILDLY off from the pics on the Ebay listings which was frustrating as well. Below is picture of each lipstick when on, as well as the link to where I purchased it from.

We will start with Lipstick 1. This was NOTHING like the picture on Ebay. The color was so off that I left feedback to reflect that. I looked like a chick from a 1980’s flashback…. It’s a very light hot pink color. I was not a fan. Also it did not go on very thick so it took several applications to get decent coverage.

You can find it on Ebay listed as color number 3.

Lipstick 2 was actually a pretty color. Again, it was a bit thin, but since it was a darker color it took less layers to get good coverage. I liked this color but I noticed that it started peeling off on my lips closest to my teeth where my saliva got to it. So I’m not sure how long lasting it will be.

You can find it on Ebay listed as color number 4.

Lipstick 3 was less of a crazy 80’s pink, but still a little pinker than I normally wear. Again, since it was a lighter color it needed more than one layer of color to look even and give good coverage. I would say this is a night pink shade for those who like pink and a good spring color.


You can find it on Ebay listed as color number 1.

Lipstick 4 is a great shade because it is a very cheap dupe of Mac Crème Cup, something I’ve been looking for to use for my lipstick dupe set to make Kim Zolciak Biermann. I buy a lot of products from her Kashmere Kollections skin care line and I LOVE them. A lot of the girls in the Kashmere Community group on Facebook try to create her lipstick look. This one looked pretty good, especially with the liner and gloss on!

You can find it on Ebay listed as color number 7.
You can find Mac Crème Cup on Amazon.

Here is Lipstick 4 with the liner on. The liner used is another dupe for Mac Lip Pencil in Oak. I used Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lip Liner in Spice, number 011.

You can find the Rimmel Lipliner on Amazon.
You can find the Mac Lipliner on Amazon.

And here is Lipstick 4 with liner and lipgloss on. Now, as soon as I added lipgloss over it, the staying power of the liquid lipstick was gone. For some reason, a lot of glosses don’t mix with liquid lipsticks well and they will start to come off and leave marks. Keep this in mind! I used Hard Candy Plumping Serum Gloss in Pink Cadillac, number 1165. The final look was really pretty! This gloss was a dupe for Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss.

 You can find the Hard Candy Gloss on Amazon.
You can find the Nars Gloss on Amazon.

Lastly, here is Lipstick 5. It is another darker color and those look really good with my hair color and skin tone. I’m a big fan of this color. I’m hoping to find more darker red tinted colors for myself, with hopefully a bit better quality. This color also needed a couple layers for solid coverage and started peeling near the insides of my lips.

 You can find it on Ebay listed as color number 2.

Final thoughts – you get what you pay for! Sometimes you luck out and find good quality products at a fair price. These liquid lipsticks I got for only .95 cents each. I knew ahead of time that they might not be the best quality. For a cheap liquid lipstick they aren’t bad. However, there are many more products out there that work better and won’t break your bank. I’ll probably try mixing these with some of the other brands I use to see if I can make different color combos. (^.^)

I really like long lasting liquid lipsticks. I just don’t want to pay $50 each. I’ll keep looking and testing out products until I find some I really adore! And I’m happy to keep review products for you! ❤

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