Water Beads Glitter Bottle Project


These are Water Bead/Jelly Beadz/Water Beadz. They are tiny little balls of excitement! As I mentioned in my original review of them, we discovered these through a friend of ours who had added some to a water bottle for her baby to look at and be fascinated by. I ordered a set of 10,000 beads for my kiddos to try out as well and they loved them! We added them a water filled container and they played with them for hours. (^.^)

I decided to do a project with them similar to our DIY Glitter Bottles because those were such a hit! I took 2 full water bottles, cut off the labels, added 1 drop of food coloring to each bottle, and then added the fun! I added 4 pinches of Water Beads to each bottle, and added 20 small plastic fake diamonds to each bottle. Lastly, we added glitter! I have an excess of fun colored nail glitter that we used, though I really need glitter that sinks for these kind of projects. A lot of our glitter floats at the top instead of sinking to the bottom.


The bottles were a huge success! ❤ The kids love them! Each bottle shimmers in the sunlight and looks so neat! It was a very simple project that took all of 10 minutes to complete. I did soak the water beads in the water bottles overnight, though they started puffing up after just a few minutes. I think they should be good to go after 2 hours in water.


These are a super cheap for of entertainment for kids, especially during hot months. There are tons of ways to use them! And you get so many in a package that they last a long time. I am still very happy with this buy because the kids adore these Water Beads! This is something that would make a great gift as well! If you package doesn’t include instructions, you can print out a little tag with instructions and ideas to go with it. (^.^) I may add that to my present list this Christmas season!



DIY Glitter Bottle For Kids


I found a fantastic online article this morning from Mindful.org about the benefits of a glitter jar for children. The author gave great examples for kids to use their glitter jars to help with behavioral issues by comparing the glitter to overwhelmed minds. He said that he asks kids to think of the glitter swirling around as all the thoughts going through their heads that distract them and keep them from focusing. He feels it’s a useful tool with children of all ages, not just small children. I wanted to give it a try because one kiddo I watch has a lot of concentration and behavioral issues, and Little Divine gets distracted easily sometimes while she’s doing school work.


We started off with supplies from our local Dollar Tree. I figured if we needed more advanced supplies we’d go to Hobby Lobby. I decided against glass jars as they can get broken easily by kiddos. These hand sanitizer bottles were the perfect size and made of plastic. We picked up glitter and used glitter I had for nail polish. I figured the combo of glitter should assure a pretty bottle!


I peeled the labels off the bottles and emptied the sanitizer out. We added water and 1 drop of food coloring to the bottles. Any more than that would have made it too hard to see in it. We added as much glitter as the kids asked for! After I shook them up and they were satisfied with the results, I super-glued the lids on the bottles. I then cut thin strips of fun colored duct tape to cover the tops just to ensure they stayed on and closed!


The results were fabulous! We did have glitter settling at the top, not just at the bottom, but the kids didn’t mind. (^.^) They love the result! We talked about the bottle representing our minds, and the glitter being all the many thoughts and feelings we have each day. I told them that all their feelings are okay, and we don’t want them to go away, but we do want to find a way to calm our minds so we can focus during the day. We talked about breathing slowly and deeply to calm our minds while we watch the glitter fall and settle in our bottles.

I’m really hoping these are a big help for the kids! Little Divine is 10 so I feel she can better understand how to use her bottle in a calming way, and remember to do her breathing to settle her mind. This was a fantastic project for $2.14 and they turned out very pretty! ❤


Savings Jar Craft Project


Things in life cost money. Unless you are handed an unlimited amount of money to do with as you please, you generally have to save up for the things you want that you can’t currently afford. I like saving money in general. It’s always good to have money saved for a nest egg just in case. Emergency funds to help if you lose your job or have a huge unexpected cost, like your car breaking or your home flooding, keep you be prepared just in case. I feel it’s generally better to save up for things you want but can’t currently afford rather than going into debt to get them.

Saving money in your bank account it great – if you won’t spend it. I’ve found that having the money in an account means I am more likely to spend it with less concern. Which is why I like to have a savings jar of some sort at home. It’s labeled and separate from my spending money so I am much less likely to spend it. Looking into the jar to see how much I’ve saved so far gives me an extra sense of pride that also helps me from spending out of it and to keep adding to it.

We recently moved and are working on settling in and getting our new home set up. We are also saving to buy a home in the next few years, saving for our wedding since we don’t really have family to help with the costs much, and saving up to get me a better car. Mine is okay, and it’s lasted well since I got it almost 2 years ago, but it is very old and I bought it because we had been in a car accident and desperately needed a vehicle. I want to be able to get something a little nicer that will better fit my needs in the next year, so we’re saving for it now.

These 3 things are very important to us right now and are our priorities to save for at the moment. We could have created one main savings jar to use on whatever we needed, but I liked the idea of 3 separate jars to see each dream getting closer to happening.

These savings jars were very simple and low cost to create. I bought 3 cans of coffee that come in the round hard containers. We drink a lot of coffee so we used up the coffee in the cans, washed them out with soapy water, and then let them dry. When they were dry I purchased 3 different rolls of duct tape in cool designs so each jar had its own unique look. I paid $3.22 for the 3 rolls at our local Dollar Tree store. I knew the tape would mostly likely only be used for this project so I didn’t want to spend a lot on it. I also bought a package of sticker labels to label each jar, but I also am going to use them to label things in Little Divine’s room to help her keep her toys organized. They were $1.07 for a package of 60.


Photo by Ivy Divine

I took each jar and taped all around the jar along the bottom edge, the top edge, and then the middle, to completely cover the jar with duct tape. I then took small strips of duct tape about 5-6 inches long to cover the lid. You can leave it uncovered if you like, but I wanted the whole thing to be matching. After that, I turned the lid upside down and set a shot glass in the middle of the lid to make an opening for adding money. I traced around the shot glass and used small, sharp scissors to cut a whole. Again, this is optional. You can create any opening you like or leave the lid as it is and just take it off when you add money to the jar.


Photo by Ivy Divine

I wrote what each jar was for on the sticker labels and put them on the jar. One of the labels started peeling off a little after a few hours so I covered the labels with clear tape to keep them on. I used a permanent marker to write on the labels so what I wrote was easy to see and would last.

The end result is a fun looking way to save up for the things that are important to you! ❤ We’ve already been adding to our new jars and it’s exciting to see each step closer we get to our goals! (^.^)