Coconut Milk Ice Cubes For Coffee


I love my morning coffee. I start my day with a glass of water, or warm water with lemon, to jump-start my body and give it a little cleansing. After that I have tea or coffee depending on the day and season. We’ve been trying new coffees in the Divine household and it’s been really fun… and sometimes gross! Ah the joys of trying coffee you’ve never tasted before!

I am one of those folks who doesn’t want to wait for my coffee to cool, but I also don’t want to sip it while it’s burning hot. I’m looking for just the right temperature so I can drink it and not scald my insides. This is hard to achieve as I don’t use creamers with the exception of a little full fat canned organic coconut milk, and I don’t use enough to cool it much. The bad thing about using canned coconut milk is that it goes bad in the fridge very quickly. I’ve emptied a can into a glass jar and had it go bad in the fridge after just 2 days! That is a waste and I really, really, really do not like wasting food products. So many people are starving all over the world and we have a huge epidemic of food wastefulness, especially in the US. I try very hard to not waste food and drinks because of this.

I really enjoy cold coconut milk in my coffee though! It gives my coffee a yummy flavor, especially with a little maple syrup stirred in as well. Heaven! ❤ I got a random idea last week to use tiny storage containers to make coconut milk ice cubes while pondering how to fix my coffee/milk dilemma. I have no idea if this has been done before, but I was excited to give it a go! Thankfully Amazon sells everything and with Prime shipping I get things at my door very fast.

I worry about just pouring milk into an ice-cube tray and leaving it open on top where things can get in it, so I decided to get a set of 10 small round food storage containers with lids. This way I could stack them and get more than a typical ice-cube worth of milk at a time. I figured I’d experiment with it to find what works the best. I poured organic coconut milk into each container evenly so all 10 had milk in them. I had a few extra square containers that I put milk in as well because I had a little left in my fridge that I didn’t want to go bad.


This morning I got up and brewed a cup of coffee with excitement in heart to try out my coconut milk ice cubes! Yes, this is what excites me in life. It’s the small things people! ❤ I ran the closed containers under hot water to loosen them up enough to pop out and dump into my hot coffee. I added a little maple syrup and stirred. Success!


The coconut milk ice cubes melted into yumminess and helped cool my coffee down so it was drinkable! I had a very nice cup of tasty deliciousness while I worked on prints this morning! (^.^) I will fill the containers a little bit less next time as it was a pretty big cube, but other than that I have no complaints.

I have a friend whose husband is severely allergic to coconut milk so I wanted to mention that this can be done with other milks as well! If you are dairy free like our family is, give it a try with rice or soy milk, or something else you enjoy! Don’t feel you have to use the exact milk we do. 🙂

If you try out milk ice cubes leave a comment and let me know what you thought!



Review – Nutchello Dairy Free Milks by Silk

PhotoGrid_1462998601285 (1)

I like finding dairy free products that taste yummy and don’t make me sick. I saw these two yummy looking drinks from Silk and decided to give them a try. I had both good and bad results. The Rich Dark Chocolate and Walnuts was the one I wanted to like the most. I love chocolate and finding a dark chocolate drink that tastes good is amazing! The taste was really good, but sadly it made me super ill. I am not sure what’s in the chocolate version but it did not settle well with my stomach. I don’t see gluten free labels on either so I have no idea if that is the cause or something else. I tried it on two different occasions and both times I was super ill with massive stomach pains. The alkali processed chocolate might be the culprit. There weren’t a lot of ingredient differences between the two products.

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The good news is that the Caramel Almonds and Cashews did not make me ill. It has a good flavor, though very mild. I’ve added it to homemade ice cream as well as coffee, and had it by itself. All of them were very tasty! My family enjoyed it used in my homemade ice cream with pineapple.

The moral of the story is that 2 different products made in the same line by the same company may give you a different reaction. Please be aware that one product made by a company might not make you sick but another might. And even if a product says gluten free or dairy free, it might still make you sick. Cross contamination or other ingredients might cause you to get sick. If you have food allergies or intolerances, test out a small amount of a new food or drink first to see how you react to it. Better safe than sorry!