Daily Dose of Tea

Health and wellness are important to me. I believe if we take care of our bodies and well-being, it benefits us in so many ways! I try to keep this thought in mind in everything I do.

I created a new daily routine for myself that is very simple – drink a cup of tea a day. Not too long ago a friend who was going caffeine/tea/coffee free gave us her whole tea stash. We now have A LOT of tea! I love tea so I was quite excited to receive it. Yet I have rarely made myself a cup since. As I reorganized my kitchen this week, I decided that I needed to start drinking more tea!

Tea has a lot of great health benefits if you are drinking natural and organic tea. The pre-made stuff in bottles is often full of a lot of sugar, which you don’t need! In order to start using my large tea stash and to benefit my body, I’ve made it part of my daily routine to have at least one cup of tea a day. We have such a large variety of teas in our kitchen that I don’t get bored with any one. And even if I have my favorites, which I do, I keep myself willing to try out the different teas so I get a variety of yummy goodness!

My tea for today is Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea. This tea has a nice mix of flavors that often make me think of fall and cooler nights. It’s not an expensive brand, which I also like. I feel the flavor is good without being over-powering.

I do drink a cup of coffee some days, and I drink water all day every day. I think water is the number one thing we should all be putting into our bodies! On days when I forget to drink enough water I don’t feel as great. Also, having a cup of tea instead of a second or third cup of coffee helps you keep coffee intake down and gives you the goodness of a tea.

I find there to be something really relaxing about sipping a cup of hot tea. A cup of hot coffee invigorates me and gets me going. A cup of hot tea is soothing and peaceful. Which is why I drink both! (^.^)

What’s your favorite tea to drink?