Dions Pizza Club Read

dions club read pic for blog

Our popular local pizza place Dion’s Pizza not only has tasty pizza, but they also offer a Summer Reading program to help promote literacy for children. It’s a really great program that my daughter has enjoyed participating in for the last 4 years. It’s always been a highlight for her each summer! Kids read 6 books to fill up their 1st score card, and then another 6 books to fill up their 2nd score card and complete their program.

Sadly this year they changed the rewards for the program. Previously the kids would receive a drawstring cloth backpack, a Club Read t-shirt, and their second reading scorecard when they turned in their first reading list. Now they just give a slice of pizza when the kids turn in their 1st reading list. While the free slice of pizza is tasty, I’ve found that kids like tangible rewards. My daughter likes seeing the fruits of her labor.

For some reason there were some old Club Read pamphlets where we picked up ours and they still listed the old prizes. So the kids were super disappointed to find they only got a piece of pizza when we showed up at our local Dions. I talked to the staff Facebook and they were kind enough to send the kids backpacks, shirts, stickers, and notepads to make it up to them!


The kids were thrilled to get the goodies and I appreciated that they went out of their way to do that for them! I think it would be great if they did some brainstorming before the 2017 Club Read to find a way to add some prizes back besides just a slice of pizza. Even if it’s just one item, it would be something tangible the kids would have a reminder of their hard work. Pizza gets eaten and forgotten about.

Thankfully they still give out a free book and a free baseball ticket to the kids who turn in their second score cards! This is also a big deal for the kids because they get to go down to the Isotopes baseball offices and pick up those items in such an exciting place. I’m looking forward to a trip down there in a couple weeks because I know the kids will be thrilled! (^.^)