Review – September 2017 Birchbox

Ah September, the beginning of the fall season! Time to start looking forward to fall things the next few months. September’s Birchbox was a very unique design and was actually set up to be colored or painted. It was a creative idea! I haven’t reviewed this box yet because I’m still waiting on a replacement item, but it won’t be here for a bit still so I’ll review it anyway and update you if the replacement is any better than the original product I received.


First up we have Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray in a 1oz sample size. I had high hopes for this product as it’s supposed to be a better version of a dry shampoo. I skipped washing my hair to see how it would work on slightly oily hair. I was not impressed. It didn’t do anything to remove the oil in my hair. It did add volume but it felt more like adding hairspray on top of dirty hair…. I was hoping this would get added to my camping bag because dry shampoos are handy when naturing. This one will won’t be getting added.

You can find it at Birchbox.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Next up is 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment in a 1.5 fl oz sample size. Now this stuff I loved! My hair is still growing out from when I dyed it a few years ago and it got super dry on the ends. I love my long hair and I’m trying to grow it out super long, so it’s taking a while to get all the dead ends grown out and cut off. This stuff made the ends of my hair feel super soft! And since I skipped washing my hair to test out the first product, this product was in my hair two days. Even on the 2nd day, the ends of my hair still felt pretty soft. Normally if I skip a day of washing, the ends of my hair feel more crunchy and stiff. I really love this product and I plan to buy more of it! Also – it smells great!

You can find it at Birchbox.
You can also find it on Amazon.

The next sample is Avene Cleanance MAT Mattifying Toner in a .84 fl oz sample size. I love toners because they are an important part of my cleansing routine. This one didn’t do anything magic that I saw, but my skin did feel nice after using it. If your face has any raw places, this WILL sting, despite what it’s description says. I had a few sensitive spots from a good exfoliation and this stung my face in those areas. It does have a very chemical smell as well. I usually prefer my toner to have a very light smell.

You can find it at Birchbox.
You can also find it on Amazon.

The 4th item in my box was an Arrow Enhance Waterproof Brightener in a .028 oz sample size. This sells full size with the eyeliner and the brightener, but the sample only had the brightener. This is the product that arrived damage. I’m waiting on my replacement. The one I received arrived with the cap off and open in the box. When I tried to test it, I saw nothing. I literally cannot see anything on my skin. I looked online and there are mixed reviews. I’ve seen what it should look like so either mine is defective or my skin is too light. But it does not look like anything is coming from the pencil at all. There is no trace of it on my skin. We will see if the replacement is any different.

You can find it on Birchbox.

My last item is actually a full size Beauty Crop Glamazon Stick Highlight Crayon in .05 oz size. This is a fun highlighting crayon. I used it under my eyes and on my cheeks to test it out. The color is not super noticeable, but it does give you a shimmery look. I added blush over it on my cheeks and I had a really nice glow under the pink blush color. I will be using this with my cosplay makeup especially to help highlight areas while in costume. (^.^)

You can find it at Birchbox.

For September, there were only 2 products out of 5 that I liked. This to me is pretty normal with Birchbox. The 12 Benefits is the best product from this box for me! I really do love how it made my hair feel and smell. It is for sure the one item I will be buying in full size. The Beauty Crop highlight stick was a nice treat because it was a full size product which is rare. I’m looking forward to seeing how I can use it in my costume makeup for events!

What was your favorite part of your September Birchbox? Remember, you can sign up HERE and you’ll receive a box each month for $10 plus free shipping!

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Review – Pursito Floral Wildflower Honey Sticks 100 Pack

I am always on the lookout for good deals, especially when it comes to healthy snacks for Little Divine. We can’t expect to just take care of the outside of our bodies without taking care of the inside too! I try to keep things as healthy as I can for Little Divine and I, with the occasional treats of course. (^.^)  Little Divine LOVES honey sticks. Every time we shop at the healthy food grocery stores, we grab a few at the check out so she can add them with her lunches on the go.

When I saw that I could buy them in bulk on Amazon I was thrilled. I really enjoy shopping on Amazon because it means I don’t have to leave my house to buy what I need. No extra trips to a specialty store! On top of that, the package came with a FREE natural chapstick! Almost every ingredient on it’s list is organic! This went straight into Little Divine’s desk for daily use. It’s a full size lipbalm called Chocolate Bliss. It goes on the lips well, smells like chocolate, and does a great job of soothing!

As for the Pursito Floral Wildflower honey sticks, Little Divine loves them! It’s been a great way for me to get the healthy benefits of pure honey into her meals each day. She can take them on the go too. It’s hard to find a balance between eating healthy and being green. I know that these honey sticks being in plastic tubes is bothersome for some folks. I understand! For us, I decided that this was the best way to go for now. In the future I can look into reusable ways to take honey on the go, but for now we haven’t found a way that is really mess proof.

We ordered a package with 100 sticks in it. This is over 3 months worth of sticks if I add one to her lunch daily! That’s a really good deal for me because I don’t have to make a lot of trips to the store to buy more. I also saved almost $10 by ordering from Amazon! Again, another win for us.

You can find the Floral Wildflower flavor HERE or click one of the highlighted words above!

They also have a variety flavor pack which you can find HERE. It has blueberry, cherry, strawberry and raspberry flavors! This one will be the next pack we get so I can give her a different type each day.

Have you tried Pursito honey sticks? If so, leave me a comment below telling me what you thought of them!

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Review – Summer 2017 Walmart Beauty Box

I received my Summer 2017 Walmart Beauty Box and I’m ready to review it! Walmart sells a quarterly beauty box for $5 plus tax with free shipping. It’s one way to get a really low cost beauty box or subscription box. However – Walmart’s boxes are filled with more basic drugstore items. If you’re okay with that, great! Just be aware you’ll end up with a lot of samples of basic shampoos and lotions.

This season’s box has quite a bit of stuff in it.

Banana Boat Dry Balance – This is a 1 fl oz sample size tube. It is a sunscreen lotion. I like little tubes of sunscreen because they fit well in travel bags for park trips or camping trips. This product has an SPF 30.

You can buy it at Walmart.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion – This is a 1 fl oz sample size bottle. This lotion helps relieve dry skin. I like the tiny size because I can throw this in my purse for lotion on the go. My hands sometimes get dry while I’m out during the day. This stuff is very nice at soothing them and making them feel softer. I like that it’s not overly scented like some lotions because some of them give me a headache. This stuff is mild enough that even Little Divine can use it.

You can buy it at Walmart.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Got 2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel – This is a 1.25 oz sample tube. This stuff is handy for my cosplay! I have one character with bangs that require styling and this product has been perfect for that. I normally don’t use hair gel but this is perfect for small things like my bangs when I’m doing cosplay. (^.^)

You can buy it at Walmart.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner – These each 1.7 fl oz sample bottles. I received a set of the shampoo and conditioner samples which I like. I like trying out both from the same product line to get the full feel of how they work together. This set is perfect to take on the go for trips! They clean very well, have a good scent, and leave my hair feeling soft.

You can buy them in a smaller size two pack at Walmart.
You can also find them on Amazon in a bigger size two pack which I like.

Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Gel – This is a .25fl oz sample packet. This stuff is really nice for ladies because keeping our makeup brushes clean is very important! If you don’t clean your brushes it can lead to your makeup not going on as well and your skin getting irritated or breaking out. This product is pretty simple to use and helps you keep your brushes nice and clean!

You can find it at Walmart.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Eco Tools Mask Remover Sponges – These are really great! I use these to wash my face and I feel like I get a gentle exfoliation with them which I like. They are firm which is nice as I prefer something less floppy when I wash my face. I plan to get more of these when I need to!

You can find them at Walmart.
You can also find them on Amazon.

Soo AE Nature Collagen Essence Mask Vitamin – This is a .85 oz packet with one mask in it. I love getting masks! This is one of my favorite items to get in a subscription box. This mask went on easy and my skin felt super soft and looked great after using it! I will actually save the packet and use the left over remaining serum in it on my skin later at night before bed. (^.^) This is a really lovely mask!

You can find it at Walmart.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Smile Direct Club Coupon – Inside you’ll find a coupon for a free SmileShop scan or $55 off impression kit. If you are considering clear braces, this coupon is handy for you to use. You’ll get a discount on the kit to do your dental impressions. I believe the cost for a full set of braces is around $2,000 total. Check out Smile Direct Club for more info!

Ending thoughts – My Summer 2017 Walmart Beauty Box was filled with products which I like because I feel like I get my $5 worth easily. I liked a lot of the products in it, especially the sponges and the mask. The hair gel arrived at a great time to be used for a cosplay I just put together. I’m pleased with this box and I hope the next one has just as many products I can use!

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Review – August 2017 Birchbox

Today I am reviewing the August 2017 box from Birchbox! I like to take my time with each box and try out the products for a few weeks to really get a good opinion on them. Birchbox is a monthly subscription box. Each month you receive a random selection of hair, skin and beauty products. Here’s what I thought of this month’s box!


This month I received 5 samples. To start with I received Amika Bombshell Blowout spray in a 1 fl oz sample size. I liked the scent of this hair product which wasn’t too strong or perfumed. I didn’t see an amazingly huge difference while using it when it came to volume. I do like that it protects against heat so I sprayed it on before blow-drying it. The scent left my hair smelling very nice for the day as well.

You can find it at Birchbox.
You can also find it on Amazon.

My second product was Balance Me Congested Skin Serum in a .24 fl oz size sample. Now, I love Balance Me’s Instant Life Primer. I bought it in full size because I loved what it did for my skin so much. However, I could not stand the smell of this product. I had to wash it off my face because it was bothering me so much. I think Balance Me makes great quality products, but I could not deal with the scent of this one.

You can find it at Birchbox.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Next up is Coastal Scents Blush & Bronzer Palette in a 2 pack sample size. I loved this set! It has one bronzer and one blush included in it. I found them to work really well when I mixed a bit of both together. I ended up with a nice looking color without it looking too gaudy or too faint. It doesn’t have a brush included so I packed a mini blush brush with me to use with this set on the go. I really like the colors in it and I would definitely considering buying the full size set!

You can find it at Birchbox.
You can also find it on Amazon.

My fourth item was Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in a .09 fl oz sample size. I loved this stuff! I received the mint shade and it not only smells good, but it makes my lips feel like they are getting a mini spa treatment. I like to apply it in the evening when I’m not wearing lipstick or gloss, or I’ll put it on under my lipgloss before I head out for the day. It is thick but not sticky or goopy. It’s a great way to pamper your lips after abusing them with lip makeup!

You can find it at Birchbox.
You can also find it on Amazon in: Raspberry – Honey – Mint – Honey Glam – Tangerine – Red Berry – and a Lip Oil Trio Set which I think looks awesome to try!

My last product was Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel in a .06 fl oz sample size. I liked this sample as well! I found that it cleans well without being harsh on my skin. It doesn’t have an over-perfumed or make me break out. I like to use it in the morning before I start my day as I feel it gives my skin a gentler cleansing. In the mornings I am just washing to remove sweat and oil from sleeping so I don’t need a harsh cleanser. This product is perfect for my mornings! I would definitely recommend it!

You can find it at Birchbox.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Other than the one cream with a scent that I couldn’t deal with, my August box was actually pretty good! I liked my products and 3 out of the 5 are products I would buy full size. (^.^) What did you think of your August box? You can join in on Birchbox’s monthly subscription for only $10 a month by clicking HERE and signing up! Each month they give you a free gift when you sign up as well!

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Review – Matte Liquid Lipsticks From Ebay PLUS Mac Dupes!

I have been keeping my eye out for matte liquid lipsticks that won’t cost me a ton and will work well. Of course, everything in life is cheaper on Ebay so I ordered 5 lipsticks from one company to try out. They were a hit or miss combo. I feel that they come off easily near the inner part of my lips where saliva is. Also, the color is thin and needed multiple applications for good coverage. Some of the color were WILDLY off from the pics on the Ebay listings which was frustrating as well. Below is picture of each lipstick when on, as well as the link to where I purchased it from.

We will start with Lipstick 1. This was NOTHING like the picture on Ebay. The color was so off that I left feedback to reflect that. I looked like a chick from a 1980’s flashback…. It’s a very light hot pink color. I was not a fan. Also it did not go on very thick so it took several applications to get decent coverage.

You can find it on Ebay listed as color number 3.

Lipstick 2 was actually a pretty color. Again, it was a bit thin, but since it was a darker color it took less layers to get good coverage. I liked this color but I noticed that it started peeling off on my lips closest to my teeth where my saliva got to it. So I’m not sure how long lasting it will be.

You can find it on Ebay listed as color number 4.

Lipstick 3 was less of a crazy 80’s pink, but still a little pinker than I normally wear. Again, since it was a lighter color it needed more than one layer of color to look even and give good coverage. I would say this is a night pink shade for those who like pink and a good spring color.


You can find it on Ebay listed as color number 1.

Lipstick 4 is a great shade because it is a very cheap dupe of Mac Crème Cup, something I’ve been looking for to use for my lipstick dupe set to make Kim Zolciak Biermann. I buy a lot of products from her Kashmere Kollections skin care line and I LOVE them. A lot of the girls in the Kashmere Community group on Facebook try to create her lipstick look. This one looked pretty good, especially with the liner and gloss on!

You can find it on Ebay listed as color number 7.
You can find Mac Crème Cup on Amazon.

Here is Lipstick 4 with the liner on. The liner used is another dupe for Mac Lip Pencil in Oak. I used Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lip Liner in Spice, number 011.

You can find the Rimmel Lipliner on Amazon.
You can find the Mac Lipliner on Amazon.

And here is Lipstick 4 with liner and lipgloss on. Now, as soon as I added lipgloss over it, the staying power of the liquid lipstick was gone. For some reason, a lot of glosses don’t mix with liquid lipsticks well and they will start to come off and leave marks. Keep this in mind! I used Hard Candy Plumping Serum Gloss in Pink Cadillac, number 1165. The final look was really pretty! This gloss was a dupe for Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss.

 You can find the Hard Candy Gloss on Amazon.
You can find the Nars Gloss on Amazon.

Lastly, here is Lipstick 5. It is another darker color and those look really good with my hair color and skin tone. I’m a big fan of this color. I’m hoping to find more darker red tinted colors for myself, with hopefully a bit better quality. This color also needed a couple layers for solid coverage and started peeling near the insides of my lips.

 You can find it on Ebay listed as color number 2.

Final thoughts – you get what you pay for! Sometimes you luck out and find good quality products at a fair price. These liquid lipsticks I got for only .95 cents each. I knew ahead of time that they might not be the best quality. For a cheap liquid lipstick they aren’t bad. However, there are many more products out there that work better and won’t break your bank. I’ll probably try mixing these with some of the other brands I use to see if I can make different color combos. (^.^)

I really like long lasting liquid lipsticks. I just don’t want to pay $50 each. I’ll keep looking and testing out products until I find some I really adore! And I’m happy to keep review products for you! ❤

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Review – July 2017 Birchbox

Welcome to the July 2017 Birchbox review! We had some hiccups in our months for July and August which is why I am just now getting this review up. However, this is still a good way to get a look at what comes in a Birchbox month’s subscription box, as well as seeing an actual review of the products. I don’t find unveilings to be super helpful as they do just show you what’s in it, not how they work. *AS A REMINDER, YOU CAN OFTEN FIND THESE PRODUCTS CHEAPER ON OTHER SITES. I HAVE AMAZON PRIME SO I SAVE A BUNCH OF MONEY AND DON’T PAY SHIPPING BY ORDERING THROUGH AMAZON. EBAY IS ANOTHER SITE TO CHECK AS THEY HAVE LISTINGS THAT CHANGE DAILY.*

So let’s get started!

This month we received 5 products total. Occasionally Birchbox will send an extra sample, but they did not this month. To start with, we have Benefit Cosmetics the POREfessional Face Primer in a 0.25oz sample size. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! I love it! I’ve already purchased a full size product because it is so amazing! My skin looked smooth and my pores were almost unnoticeable. On top of that, my skin was smooth and it worked very well as a primer under my makeup. I even used it on a no makeup day and I still loved how it worked without makeup! Run to the stores and buy this! Better yet, order it online so you don’t have to run anywhere!

You can find it at Birchbox.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Next up we have Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray in a 1oz sample size. This I was not impressed with. There was no hold and no waves… This beach hair was super lacking in all the waviness. Maybe it’s my hair type, but for me it did not do much of anything beside make my hair sticky.

You can find it at Birchbox.
You can also find it on Amazon.

The third product in this box was Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer in a .34fl oz sample size. This product I liked because I felt my skin was noticeably softer after using it. So soft that I had to touch my skin again just to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. I have been working hard on my skincare regimen lately so this moisturizer fit nicely into the mix. I use it in the mornings after washing my face and it looks and feels really nice after.

You can find it at Birchbox.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Next up we have The Beauty Crop Fabulous Flocking Lashes Waterproof Mascara in a .14oz size. I’m not sure if this is a sample size or not because the full size is listed as .71oz but this mascara is really big for a sample size. The mascara itself IS waterproof. It is also sweatproof. I used it through my workout today and it held up with sweat dripping down my eyes. Now, it does not do major eye lash boosting. So your eye lashes won’t look like falsies. But it does give them good color and it is waterproof and sweatproof. I haven’t received many great mascara samples from Birchbox but this was by far the best I’ve received so far. And again, it looks like a full size tube to me which is really nice to see. I hate teeny tiny samples that make you feel cheated.

You can find it at Birchbox.
You can also find it on the Beauty Crop site.

Our last sample is Marcelle 3-in-1 Micellar Gel Eye Makeup Remover in a .23oz sample size. This is one of those teeny tiny samples. However – you don’t need much! I used only about a pea sized amount for each eye and it worked well. Both my eyeshadow and my Beauty Crop mascara came off pretty easily. I lost 2 eyelashes in the process, but I may have been rubbing too hard. The mascara came off really well and very quickly. One of the most important steps in having healthy eye lashes it to remove your mascara at night. This product helps do that in an easy way.

You can find it at Birchbox.
You can also find it on Amazon.

July’s Birthbox was surprisingly good. I have not been impressed with my boxes much the last few months but I was really pleased with this box! I liked almost all of my samples which is RARE for a Birchbox. The POREfessional Face Primer is my recommended must buy in full size from this box! I love this stuff! I used it once and went online to order the full size, it’s just that good.

What did you think of the July 2017 box from Birchbox? Let me know in the comments below!

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Review – Target August 2017 Beauty Box

I like trying out monthly and quarterly box companies to see if they are all they are hyped to be. Plus I often get really awesome stuff in them that I love! I get to try out new companies and products for a low price. (^.^) I have discovered a lot of great companies just by getting these boxes, companies I had never heard of before.

Today I’m reviewing the Target August 2017 Beauty Box. I know a lot of people like to do box reveals as soon as they can find out what’s in the box, but I like to take my time with the products in each box so I can actually review them for you. This way you get to see what kind of things you’ll get in the box, as well as finding out how they work!

To start with, this box came with a 1.4fl oz sample bottle of Herbal Essences Bio-Renew Repair Shampoo. I tend to avoid chemical filled hair products, but I do keep these tiny bottles for camping trips and travel. This one smells pretty good and it cleans really well! I don’t feel there is enough in the sample to tell you how it works on hair long term, but it did make my hair feel soft and smell nice after using it. I thinking including a matching conditioner sample would have been a good idea because I like trying out hair products together.

You can find this shampoo here at Target.
You can also find on Amazon in a 2 pack of shampoo.
You can also find it on Amazon in a set with the conditioner which I would recommend.

Next was a 25 count pack of Up and Up Makeup Removing Facial Wipes. These I didn’t think worked so great. A wipe is hard to get to work really well for removing makeup because they don’t seem to stay wet enough. I’m a cosplayer so I have some really serious makeup to remove after events. I had to use multiple wipes and eventually I just gave up and used my regular process. These would be good for light makeup wearers who want to wipe down their face and have it feel cleaner. I wouldn’t recommend these for heavy makeup wearers.

You can find them at Target.

Our next item was a full size Dove Clear Finish Deodorant Spray. I like that you get full size items in the Target boxes! I don’t normally wear antiperspirants as they contain really harsh chemicals that can do a lot of damage if used daily. I will wear them on event days where I am spending 7-10 hours at an event in costume. No one wants to smell in costume! This spray does work very well. I prefer sprays because they seem to go on better for me. And I didn’t have to worry about smelling even once while I was out!

You can find it at Target.
You can also find it on Amazon.

The next product was a sample of Biore Deep Cleaning Pore Strips. I had been looking for these and hadn’t seen them in stores so I wasn’t sure if they were still available. Now I know where to look! I have no clue why the pores on my nose are larger, but I like these strips to help clean them out. I used a good facial cleanser before I put it on. I waited until my skin was dry and applied the strip. You only get 1 nose strip in this box sadly. Once you apply the strip, you wait for it to dry, about 10-15 minutes. They you slowly peel it off from the outside edges working in to the middle of your nose. You should see a lot of yuckies on it after you remove it!

You can find it at Target.
You can also find a 24 pack on Amazon.

Next up is a SpaLife Nourishing Orange Facial Mask. I love face masks! I try to use one weekly as part of my skin care routine. I use a variety of masks so my skin can get a lot of different benefits. I decided to use this mask after I washed my face with the sample face cleanser listed below, following the pore strip that I used above. So I did a 3 step process with 3 of the products from this box. It was VERY moist when it came out of the package. I had a hard time getting it to stay on my face in place due to that. It smelled pretty good with a light orange scent, but nothing too overpowering. I looked absurd! So much so that I took a picture for you lovelies below. (^.^)

I tried to make the picture as creepy as possible. I *may* have also snuck up on Little Divine to spook her, hahahaha. Back to the mask, I left it on for 20 minutes to get the full affect. The instructions said to remove it and then rub the left over serum stuff into your skin. My skin looked and felt really good after using it! I think I will be getting more of their masks in the future.

You can find it at Target.

The last product is a 1fl oz sample size of Garnier Clearly Brighter Argan Nut Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. I actually used this product right before I used the pore strip and then I followed up with the mask after the pore strip. I decided my face needed a little pampering! I like this scrub and I feel it cleaned my face nicely without being too harsh. My skin felt soft after using it and it had a pleasant smell that wasn’t too perfumed. Cleaning your face well is an important part of skincare so I like getting to try a new cleanser to see if it will work well in my daily routine. I liked this product and I will keep using it to see how it goes!

You can find it at Target.
You can also find it on Amazon.

And lastly, Target sent a $3 off coupon for any beauty purchase of $15 or more. This covers cosmetics, skin care and hair care. It’s a nice added bonus because if you enjoy the products in the box, you can buy them full size and get a few dollars off!

What did you think of the products in the August 2017 Target Beauty Box? Let me know in the comments below! ❤

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Review – Walmart 2017 Spring Beauty Box

When I first discovered monthly boxes, I was excited by the idea of getting fun little packages in the mail every now and then. I started looking online and there are so many companies who do monthly or quarterly boxes of some sort! It was very hard to choose from, and there are so many I still want to try. I liked the idea of little beauty boxes with skincare, haircare, and makeup items in them. When I say Walmart had a quarterly/seasonal beauty box, I figured I’d try it out.

For $5 every 3 months you will receive a small box filled with a few sample size items. After using Birchbox for so long, I’m starting to lose my excitement for sample size products a bit. I do tend to like the full size items in the more costly boxes. Sample size it useful for trying out a product before you purchase full size, and for discovering products you love that you never would have known about!

In the Walmart Spring Beauty Box I received 9 samples. That’s not bad for $5! Keep in mind, these are drug store brands and not expensive brands like in other beauty boxes. Below are the items I received, the place to find them, and my thoughts on them.

Colgate Optic White Radiant Toothpaste – This is a 0.75oz sample. It came with a little paper showing the benefits of this toothpaste. I can’t say that with this small size you’ll see a drastic improvements in tooth color, but it is a nice little size to take on with you for trips. I prefer all natural and fluoride free toothpaste so I won’t be buying this in full size. You can find it in full size at Walmart and on Amazon.

Dove Advanced Care Cool Essentials Antiperspirant – This is a 0.5oz sample. It smells good to me, not a strong or over perfumed scent. This is a great way to test out this specific antiperspirant to see if it works for you. Each person is unique so some deodorants and antiperspirants may not work for you. This is also a very handy size to throw in a gym bag to use after you’ve worked out. I won’t be buying this in full size as I stick with chemical free deodorants. You can find it at Walmart and on Amazon.

Biore Baking Soda Acne Scrub – This is a 1oz sample. I am a big fan of facial cleaners and scrubs. Your skin is important and too many times we get caught up in makeup and forget skincare. The more you focus on skincare, the better skin you will have! This little scrub actually smells good which is nice since a lot of acne products have a strong chemical smell. It has 2% salicylic acid in it to help fight breakouts. It’s been a nice cleanser for us girls to use in the Divine household! I like using products with a little salicylic acid in them even if I don’t have breakouts at the moment because my skin is prone to breaking out and I feel it helps prevent them. You can find it at Walmart and on Amazon. (Biore also has a similar charcoal scrub that I am going to be trying as well! You can find it at Walmart and on Amazon.)

Gliss Hair Repair Ultra Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner – Each bottle is a 1.7fl oz sample bottle. I received one bottle of shampoo and one bottle of conditioner. These both smell really good! I am not a fan of strong perfume scented products so I was pleasantly surprised as to how gentle and pleasant their scent it. The bottles say they hydrate and soften hair with keratin. I liked how my hair felt after using them, though I won’t be buying them in full size as I don’t use hair products with that many chemicals in it. If you don’t care about chemicals, give these a try! The scent alone is really nice. You can find the shampoo at Walmart and the conditioner at Walmart. You can buy the set together on Amazon which is how I buy my shampoo and conditioner.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Moisturizing Conditioner – This is a 1.5fl oz sample. There was no matching shampoo in my box. It smells really good! I like the scent and don’t find it to be too over perfumed. The product leaves your hair very soft. I won’t be buying to full size due to the chemicals in it. If chemicals don’t bother you, check out this conditioner! I can’t speak for the shampoo, but if you try the conditioner you might as well try the shampoo too. You can find the conditioner at Walmart (along with the shampoo too) and on Amazon (along with the shampoo).

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Facial Moisturizer – I remember when I was pregnant many years ago and I slathered myself in Palmer’s Coconut Butter to avoid stretch marks, as everyone said to do. Yeah, it didn’t work…. Thanks Little Divine. This is a .17fl oz sample packet. I am not a fan of coconut oil for skin care much because despite how amazing it is, it is very bad at clogging pores. This product as has a lot of chemicals added to it as well so keep that in mind. If it doesn’t bother you, feel free to give it a try! I didn’t get much from the packet but at least I didn’t break out from the 2 times I tried it. My skin did feel quite soft after using it. You can find it at Walmart.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Luminous Hydration Facial Oil – This is a 0.03fl oz sample. This one goes along with the sample above. It looks like Palmer’s has a whole coconut oil facial line of products. Due to my breakout prone skin I am not a fan of face oils. I use oils as my first step in my face cleansing at night only. I feel that oil cleansing is very helpful for your skin, I just cannot let adding oil to my skin be my last step as it will break me out. However, I did try a little on m face for this review. The smell reminds me of a tanning oil scent. It didn’t feel heavy on my skin and I was careful not to use too much. It rubbed into my skin well and my skin felt very soft after. You can find it at Walmart.

Rimmel Stay Matte Lightweight Liquid Mousse Foundation 200 Soft Beige – This is a 0.05fl oz sample packet. This sample came on a little ad for it that included a $1 off coupon on any Rimmel product. They sell a primer and a powder to go with this set as well. I have my own preferred primers I use (Mac and Balance Me – which is sold in the UK mostly so it’s harder to find) but if you don’t have set ones you like yet, you might want to give Rimmel’s primer a try. This foundation was pretty impressive. It went on very matte as soon as I rubbed it in. All the shine on my face was gone. And a little went a long way. I actually used a very tiny amount, maybe a pea sized bit of it and it covered my whole face well. My skin is soft and it doesn’t look fake. I didn’t get a choice of colors so this color is a little darker than I would use, but it still looks decent with my current sun kissed color. I liked how evenly and easily it went on my skin. It seemed to last for a while before I noticed it wearing off. I would definitely give this drug store brand a try! You can find it at Walmart and on Amazon.

I would have to say this box is worth the $5 spent. However, most of the products I wouldn’t use regularly. This is based off my personal preference with beauty and skincare products. If there were more natural and chemical free products, I would like that better. I did like the Biore face scrub and the Rimmel matte foundation. I will probably buy those in full size because both impressed me. The other products are fun to try but aren’t things I’d buy full size.

What did you think of your Walmart Spring Beauty Box?

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Review – Do and Discover Rock and Gem Dig Discovery Kids

The last few weeks have been super busy in the Divine household! Little Divine went to summer camp at our local animal shelter for a week and she had a blast! Plus we just celebrated 4th of July here in America as well. I’ve been trying to get all caught up and back into a rhythm at home since they have ended.

One thing I like to do is have Little Divine work on projects of some sort during the week. During all of our moving, resettling, and moving again over the last year, we’ve ended up with a large collection of projects and activity kits that haven’t been done. Now that the major events of the summer are over – with the exception of Little Divine’s birthday – I feel we can get back into a little bit of a routine.

We have several dig kits for kits that involve excavation on a small scale. I think these kits are really fun because kids learn to do the work to unearth their treasures! (^.^) It brings a different level of excitement because it feels like a treasure hunt. Since the weather here is so warm, I thought this would be a great activity to do outdoors!

We started with the Do & Discover brand Rock & Gem Dig. This set is sold at Toys R Us and on Amazon but has now been rebranded under the Discovery Kids Rock & Gem Dig name. The set says it included 11 gems hidden in the block, a pair of little safety goggles that were too small for Little Divine, a mallet, a dowel, a magnifying glass, a brush, a streak plate, and a color poster with instructions. I found the brush they included to be pretty useless so I pulled out one of my paint brushes for her to use instead.

The box it came it was a really good size so I was very surprised at how small the little block to dig in was. It was actually quite small. I’m hoping some of the other sets we got have more to them. We decided to use a rectangular plastic storage container about 6 inches tall as her excavation site. This way all the extra dirt is contained in one easy place for clean up!

In the above photo you can see where Little Divine discovered her first gem. It wasn’t long after she started chiseling away that she found this one. I was thinking this process would take a lot longer than it did, but the block was pretty soft and easy to get through. This is definitely nice for younger kids, but it makes the process too quick for older kids.

Here is the kit totally demolished! The box says it includes 11 gems but we only found 10. Both Mr. Divine and I looked through it with Little Divine and we couldn’t find an 11th gem anywhere.

Even with 10 gems, Little Divine was quite pleased with her new treasures.

Once the gems were all cleaned up, Little Divine tried to test them out on the streak plate to see how it would work. She’s taken classes on rocks and minerals before so she knew that with a streak plate you can tell what a mineral is by the color of powder it leaves behind. She was unable to get any sort of streaks to show up on the plate included though. We tried several times but no results.

I did like that her set came with a large poster with information on identifying gems. Extra learning material included in a fun way is always nice! We will be keeping the poster and the 10 lovely gems Little Divine dug up.

All in all, this was not a bag kit for about an hour’s worth of use. I am disappointed in how small it was and how easy it was to break through. Also, the streak plate and some of the tools they sent weren’t very useful. I would say this kit is great for younger kiddos and those who aren’t expecting anything too fancy. Little Divine is about to turn 11 so this kit was enjoyable for her but not extremely challenging. She does love little treasures so the gems were a nice add to her collection! (^.^)

I’ll be reviewing other kits in the future so keep an eye out!

Have you tried this Rock & Gem Dig set?

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Review – Poshbox Spring Box 2017

As though of you who follow my posts know, I like getting treats for myself occasionally. I spent so much time for many years sacrificing for others and putting my needs on the back burner. And it burnt me out and drained me! Since the end of 2016 I decided to make a lot of changes in my life. I am very happy with those decisions! One of which was to do a little bit more for ME.

We cannot give back and do a lot when we are sucked dry, drained, and burnt out. That’s just a fact. You have to take time to recharge, replenish, and rejuvenate YOU. That can come is a multitude of forms depending on each person, so find what works best for YOU and do it! Our families, friends, communities, groups, activities, organizations, commitments, etc. need us to be healthy and doing well. Why? Because when we are, we are giving our 100% because we are in a good place! When you let yourself get sucked down to the bone, you can’t give anywhere close to 100% because YOU are not anywhere near 100%.

You have to take care of you to be the best you possible. It’s not the same as being selfish or self-absorbed, it’s making sure you are doing what you need on all levels – emotional, physical, health wise, mental, spiritual. You need to put yourself as a priority and take care of you.

One of the ways I decided to pamper myself was with Poshbox. I recently started using 310 Nutrition and I kept hearing from ladies in the group how awesome their Spring Poshbox was so I decided to give it a try! Salted Caramel seems to be the favorite flavor of A LOT of people who use 310 and that was included in the Spring box, which was an extra motivator for me.

Let’s start off with the 310 products.

First off you get a bag of Salted Caramel flavor shake powder. It’s not the super big bag, which I didn’t know, but it does have at least 14 servings in it. As I said, this seems to be a preferred flavor in the 310 Facebook Community group.

Next is a 310 shaker cup. If you’ve been a 310 customer for a while, you probably have a few of these! If not, this is a handy thing for them to send with the shake mix. Nothing like getting a product to try without the necessary equipment!

They even threw in a sample of the 310 Detox tea as well! This is a great way to try it out and see if you like it.

Then there are the Kashmere products! I received a full size Kashmere Kollection Purifying Masque and a travel size Luxurious Toning Oil. I would have LOVED full size of both products, but I’m still very thankful for both! (^.^)

Also included were two Beachwood Essential Oils – apricot kernel oil and Bulgarian lavender! I was out of my lavender oil so this was perfect timing. And the Beachwood lavender smells amazing! I like lavender at night especially to help me relax for bed time. The apricot kernel oil is a carrier oil so it’s good to use with other essential oils that may irritate your skin if you put them on it directly. I sometimes have this issue with my tea tree oil.

Another item included is a small size Purely Wrinkle Free clothing spray that you just spray on clothes to remove wrinkles without ironing. This is handy for those who don’t have the time or desire to iron. The small size is also small enough to fit in a bag on the go in case you need to de-wrinkle while you’re out.

And the last item is Hydroderm Triple Effects Eye Serum. This is a very tiny bottle. I thought they skimped by giving me another travel size until I looked up the price. This 10ml bottle is $40 to $60 normally!

I’ll do a link up now where you can find all of these products at the lowest price in case you don’t want to buy the whole box or you missed out on this box. These links may take you to Amazon if I find Amazon has better prices than the company’s site.

Salted Caramel 310 Nutrition Shake Full Size

Salted Caramel 310 Nutrition Shake Smaller Size in Starter Kit (may not be available for long)

310 Nutrition Shaker Cup

310 Nutrition Detox Tea

Kashmere Kollections Purifying Masque

Kashmere Kollections Luxurious Toning Oil

Beachwood Apricot Kernel Essential Oil

Beachwood Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil

Purely Wrinkle Free Clothing Spray Large Size

Purely Wrinkle Free Clothing Spray Small Size

Hydroderm Triple Effects Eye Serum

Did you sign up for Poshbox? What did you think of the products in it?

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