Water Beads Review


I am always looking for fun and exciting things to entertain Little Divine and the kiddos I watch. A friend who’s kids play with mine at the park showed me Water Beads aka Water Beadz and Jelly Beadz in a water bottle she’d sealed off to give to her littlest one to play with. These things are neat! They are like little balls of jelly when they hydrate in water! They are colorful, soft, and lots of fun! Of course I ordered a set right away because they were only $5.99 on Amazon!


These things are probably not the best idea for little kiddos as they do look a bit like candy. I would not use them unsupervised with kids who don’t understand not to eat them. Little Divine just turned 10 and the kiddo here today is 5 so I didn’t have to worry about it.

The kids had a blast with them! When you order our set on Amazon you get 10,000 water beads!! That’s a ton of them, especially after you get them in water and they expand! These can be used for lots of decorative things too but we like them for water play time. (^.^)

water beads

Photo from Amazon.com

We ordered a mix colored set like above from Amazon because the kids weren’t picky about colors. Little Divine loves the clear ones though because you can’t see them in the water and she does magic tricks by pulling clear beads out of the water!

I am a big fan of cheap fun for kids and these fit the bill! I took a clear plastic storage container that was no more than 10 inches high, filled it with water and a little bit of soap to make bubbles, and then we added the water beads. We had soaked some beads in water overnight so when I added them to the container they were already expanded. Trust me when I say that a little goes a long way!

Have you tried water beads yet? If so, let me know what you thought of them!



Review – American Girl Doll Pink Star Pants

Super Girl Pilllow BuddyI am one of those people who start shopping for gifts as early as I can. I like to be prepared and it’s easier on my wallet if I buy little bits here and there. No huge chunk to choke on the week of a birthday party. Little Divine is having a birthday in July so of course I started planning as soon as May hit. And I’ve already been shopping. One such amazing gift I have already picked up is the Justice League Pillow Buddy. This is the name given on Walmart’s website – I guess calling her Super Girl was too difficult?? Anywho, our Super Girl pillow buddy is adorable. I rarely see many female superhero items marketed for girls so I get excited when I do. Promoting female superheroes seems to have been lost on society until just recently.


The only down side to Super Girl is that her skirt is VERY short. To some that many not matter, but Little Divine feels strongly that ladies should dress like ladies. Short skirts flashing panties will not do with her. I needed to add some pants or legging to our doll before gifting her to make her look more appropriate.


I trolled Ebay to find doll pants because that’s the place to look other than Etsy and I tend to like Ebay’s prices better. I found the lovely pair of star leggings shown above from a seller with a Facebook page called Neat N Cheap Doll Outlet where they show off the fun doll fashions they make. I specifically looked for American Girl size doll clothes because our Super Girl is 24 inches tall with legs about as wide as an American Girl doll. I loved the color and design of these pants to match her pink Super Girl outfit and I kept coming back to them while looking through the many doll leggings available.

The leggings arrived quickly and are super high quality. Sometimes you get stuff that looks super handmade or cheaply made. These do not. They had white elastic loops inside the waist of the pants, I’m assuming to use to tighten the waist with on the doll if needed. I used them to help give them a tight fit on Super Girl because she has a smaller waist than American Girl dolls.


They look fabulous! (^.^) They coordinate with her outfit perfectly and give her a much more less hoochy look. They are stretchy which is nice, so they fit on her easily. And they are a soft polyester material so Super Girl will still be super cuddle-able even in her cute leggings. I am EXTREMELY happy with the results! I don’t feel I paid more than they were worth and I am pleased with the quality. Check out Neat N Cheap Doll Outlet if you have a kiddo who is into dolls! I am very pleased with my experience with them. ❤


Review – Tibbers Plush From League of Legends by Riot


This is Tibbers. Tibbers is awesome. And fluffy. And soft. And I adore him. ❤ Everyone should have a Tibbers in their life!

Tibbers is a well known character in the game League of Legends. If you play, or know anyone who plays, you may very well know this lovable guy…. Okay, okay, so he’s more ferocious than lovable in the game. Unless you’re Annie of course! (^.^)

Riot, who created League of Legends, sells this exact Tibbers Plush. This is the one I received for my birthday. He is from their company and has their tag on his plush tushy. He is not cheap, especially with their added shipping costs. I feel he is well worth every penny Mr. Divine paid for him. May I add a side note that it is amazing to have a partner who gets me things I love and adore!

You can also find knock-off plush Tibbers on Amazon for half the price at least. The reviews on Amazon are mixed. With any knock-off, you need to prepare yourself in case you get a sub par quality item. They cost less for a reason. That being said, you can sometimes find your item way less and still good quality. It’s hit or miss. If you don’t need a fancy shmancy Riot version of Tibbers, this would be your best route.

Wherever you chose to order from, this Tibbers plush is a fabulous item in my book! He’s not super big or super tiny, and he is perfect for Annie cosplay. I am currently planning out my cosplay for several LOL charcters, including Annie. This Tibbers is very soft and well detailed, plus he’s the perfect size to be swung around in your hand as Annie does. Don’t forget to skip as you do it!

I play Annie in LOL so I have a fondness for both her and Tibbers. This was by far one of the best birthday gifts I received this year! ❤

Keep an eye out for more posts on both LOL and my cosplay outfits for it! (^.^)