Review – American Girl Doll Pink Star Pants

Super Girl Pilllow BuddyI am one of those people who start shopping for gifts as early as I can. I like to be prepared and it’s easier on my wallet if I buy little bits here and there. No huge chunk to choke on the week of a birthday party. Little Divine is having a birthday in July so of course I started planning as soon as May hit. And I’ve already been shopping. One such amazing gift I have already picked up is the Justice League Pillow Buddy. This is the name given on Walmart’s website – I guess calling her Super Girl was too difficult?? Anywho, our Super Girl pillow buddy is adorable. I rarely see many female superhero items marketed for girls so I get excited when I do. Promoting female superheroes seems to have been lost on society until just recently.


The only down side to Super Girl is that her skirt is VERY short. To some that many not matter, but Little Divine feels strongly that ladies should dress like ladies. Short skirts flashing panties will not do with her. I needed to add some pants or legging to our doll before gifting her to make her look more appropriate.


I trolled Ebay to find doll pants because that’s the place to look other than Etsy and I tend to like Ebay’s prices better. I found the lovely pair of star leggings shown above from a seller with a Facebook page called Neat N Cheap Doll Outlet where they show off the fun doll fashions they make. I specifically looked for American Girl size doll clothes because our Super Girl is 24 inches tall with legs about as wide as an American Girl doll. I loved the color and design of these pants to match her pink Super Girl outfit and I kept coming back to them while looking through the many doll leggings available.

The leggings arrived quickly and are super high quality. Sometimes you get stuff that looks super handmade or cheaply made. These do not. They had white elastic loops inside the waist of the pants, I’m assuming to use to tighten the waist with on the doll if needed. I used them to help give them a tight fit on Super Girl because she has a smaller waist than American Girl dolls.


They look fabulous! (^.^) They coordinate with her outfit perfectly and give her a much more less hoochy look. They are stretchy which is nice, so they fit on her easily. And they are a soft polyester material so Super Girl will still be super cuddle-able even in her cute leggings. I am EXTREMELY happy with the results! I don’t feel I paid more than they were worth and I am pleased with the quality. Check out Neat N Cheap Doll Outlet if you have a kiddo who is into dolls! I am very pleased with my experience with them. ❤