Review – Summer 2017 Walmart Beauty Box

I received my Summer 2017 Walmart Beauty Box and I’m ready to review it! Walmart sells a quarterly beauty box for $5 plus tax with free shipping. It’s one way to get a really low cost beauty box or subscription box. However – Walmart’s boxes are filled with more basic drugstore items. If you’re okay with that, great! Just be aware you’ll end up with a lot of samples of basic shampoos and lotions.

This season’s box has quite a bit of stuff in it.

Banana Boat Dry Balance – This is a 1 fl oz sample size tube. It is a sunscreen lotion. I like little tubes of sunscreen because they fit well in travel bags for park trips or camping trips. This product has an SPF 30.

You can buy it at Walmart.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion – This is a 1 fl oz sample size bottle. This lotion helps relieve dry skin. I like the tiny size because I can throw this in my purse for lotion on the go. My hands sometimes get dry while I’m out during the day. This stuff is very nice at soothing them and making them feel softer. I like that it’s not overly scented like some lotions because some of them give me a headache. This stuff is mild enough that even Little Divine can use it.

You can buy it at Walmart.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Got 2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel – This is a 1.25 oz sample tube. This stuff is handy for my cosplay! I have one character with bangs that require styling and this product has been perfect for that. I normally don’t use hair gel but this is perfect for small things like my bangs when I’m doing cosplay. (^.^)

You can buy it at Walmart.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner – These each 1.7 fl oz sample bottles. I received a set of the shampoo and conditioner samples which I like. I like trying out both from the same product line to get the full feel of how they work together. This set is perfect to take on the go for trips! They clean very well, have a good scent, and leave my hair feeling soft.

You can buy them in a smaller size two pack at Walmart.
You can also find them on Amazon in a bigger size two pack which I like.

Real Techniques Brush Cleaning Gel – This is a .25fl oz sample packet. This stuff is really nice for ladies because keeping our makeup brushes clean is very important! If you don’t clean your brushes it can lead to your makeup not going on as well and your skin getting irritated or breaking out. This product is pretty simple to use and helps you keep your brushes nice and clean!

You can find it at Walmart.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Eco Tools Mask Remover Sponges – These are really great! I use these to wash my face and I feel like I get a gentle exfoliation with them which I like. They are firm which is nice as I prefer something less floppy when I wash my face. I plan to get more of these when I need to!

You can find them at Walmart.
You can also find them on Amazon.

Soo AE Nature Collagen Essence Mask Vitamin – This is a .85 oz packet with one mask in it. I love getting masks! This is one of my favorite items to get in a subscription box. This mask went on easy and my skin felt super soft and looked great after using it! I will actually save the packet and use the left over remaining serum in it on my skin later at night before bed. (^.^) This is a really lovely mask!

You can find it at Walmart.
You can also find it on Amazon.

Smile Direct Club Coupon – Inside you’ll find a coupon for a free SmileShop scan or $55 off impression kit. If you are considering clear braces, this coupon is handy for you to use. You’ll get a discount on the kit to do your dental impressions. I believe the cost for a full set of braces is around $2,000 total. Check out Smile Direct Club for more info!

Ending thoughts – My Summer 2017 Walmart Beauty Box was filled with products which I like because I feel like I get my $5 worth easily. I liked a lot of the products in it, especially the sponges and the mask. The hair gel arrived at a great time to be used for a cosplay I just put together. I’m pleased with this box and I hope the next one has just as many products I can use!

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